Sindh Ji Ajrak at KOEL Art Gallery

KOEL is a three decade old a masterpiece of Noorjehan Bilgrami, textile historian and founding member of IVSAA. It is known for it’s commitment towards preserving and restoring centuries old crafts & techniques practiced by local craftsmen in making everyday use and ornamental products from home furnishing to apparel and accessories. These include woodcraft, naturally extracted textile dyes and hand spun yarns and fabrics to touch the crust of KOEL’s offerings.

Blogger Jamash writes about the Sindhi Ajrak at KOEL Art Gallery on Karachi Metblogs:


Sindh Ji Ajrak at KOEL

By Jamash

KOEL, The recently opened Art gallery in the city brings the color of our traditions into the world of art with a stunning display of hand painted Ajraks in an exhibition in collaboration with AHAN.

Centuries old tradition of making Ajrak, a hand printer and dyed fabric, goes through 21 stage painstaking process till completion. Over the last hundred years with the advent of synthetic dyes the use of naturally extracted indigo and madder in Ajrak had gone out of practice. In the past two years a series of workshops were held at the Ajrak Centers in Matiari, Bhitshah, and Sehta to revive the practice of using natural dyes.

At the workshop the craftsmen were taught making Ajrak with silk, which stir great excitement because traditionally the only fabric used for the purpose was cotton. The craftsmen watched with great excitement as colors from the natural source such as leaves, flowers, roots and barks spilled partners and designs in vivid colors of the fabric.

This centuries old tradition of using natural dyes has been brought alive to stir up excitement in a display of exciting colors and beautiful geometric designs and floral patens with this marvelous exhibition “Sindh ji Ajrak” at the KOEL art Gallery.

The exhibition is open for public till 14th of March, 2009.

Koel Gallery:
F-42/2, Block -4, Scheme-5, Clifton, Karachi,
Phone: (+92-21) 5831292 & 5364013