Students asked to write the ‘history’ of Pakistan

By Kamran Mohsin

TIP, November 18, the auditorium was full of students (mostly forced in by teachers) to attend a lecture by Mr. Javed Jabbar; a well-known writer, politician and media personality. The subject of the address was “Pakistan’s unique past and unique future.”

He told students that Pakistan is unique among the nations of the world in many respects among the other developed and impoverished countries. These include Pakistan’s creation on the bases of religion, achievement of a separate country on a notice of 10 weeks, difficulties regarding capital and water at that time and other countless issues. This indicates that Pakistan survived in every difficult situation due to unpredictable reasons.

Mr. Javed Jabbar then went on to discuss the previous and current political situations of Pakistan and how due to some wrong decisions of politicians Army entered in the politics.

The talk moved in another direction when a student asked how this situation can be changed. He responded that we should acquire knowledge with understanding, share it with others, use it with confidence and last but not least develop political awareness and leadership amongst the youth.

He also stressed the need for rational understanding of Islam and other religions while respecting and tolerating others. The unjust and discriminatory incident of Sangla Hill shows we are not acting on the principles of Islam.

He mentioned as Pakistan has no history before 1947 so whatever we will do in future within the sphere of our influence that will write the `history` of Pakistan. So we should start doing something. It can be writing against prejudice to start a journey of thousand miles with this step. Any step in the right direction will lead us the progress.