Support for Skills Development & Infrastructure Strengthening

Export Promotions Bureau of Pakistan

EPB, the Export Promotions Bureau of Pakistan supports institutions that are providing job-oriented education and training to meet human resource and technological needs of exporting industries. It ensures students graduating from these institutes have bright prospects in the job market as their programs/courses are structured while keeping in view industry’s needs. The Textile Institute of Pakistan comes under this initiative.

bq. In order to strengthen the export sector and boost exports of the country, the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) has extended assistance for establishment of a number of institutions for training and development of human resources for export-oriented industries. Assistance has also been provided for strengthening of infrastructure for the exporting industries. Institutions under the scheme have been established in the private sector on the principle of public-private collaboration to ensure that the institutions are managed on professional lines while remaining responsive to the needs of the trade and industry, specially the export sector.

More information can be found at Support for Skills Development & Infrastructure Strengthening on the EPB website, and a listing of 15 textile-related institutions under the EPB initiative in Pakistan.