Textile trade post-2005 era

bq.. KARACHI, Sept 13: With about 10 million bales of cotton production, but with hardly 3 per cent share in annual world textile export trade of $157.5 billion and only 1.1 per cent in $199 billion world clothing export , Pakistan prepares for entering a new era of textile and clothing business after 15 months when Multi Fibre Arrangement (MFA) comes to final end in January 2005.

From January 2005 onwards, the textile business will be governed under Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC) signed under the auspices of World Trade Organization. Textile Monitoring Board (TMB) is now monitoring the implementation of new rules of the trade that offers both challenges and opportunities to countries like Pakistan.

The challenges are unpredictable and volatile exchange control, vagaries of weather and unforeseen events that could knock out all projections and affect textile trade. Growing regional trade blocs may lead to de-localisation and impact textile business.

» Pakistan ready to enter: Textile trade post-2005 era

p. Investment of $4 billion in textiles have been made during the last 4 years in Pakistan. The expected contribution break up by the textile sector in total exports is $7.54 billion at 66.71% of total exports.

# 7.54 billion – textiles – (66.71%)
# 2.35 billion – rice, leather, sports goods, wool and carpet, petroleum products, meat, molasses, surgical instruments – (20.79%)
# 0.15 billion – fisheries – (1%)
# 1.3 billion – others (11.5%)

Another interesting article on Pakistan’s textile industry is from last month, Projection for ’03-04 raised to $12.1bn: 2002-03 export stands at $11.13bn.

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  1. that a really great article..
    two years later, but why two years later just fourteen months from now.. we have to face the chalenges of 2005 era.. are we really ready for that?… yes little bit!.. have we spirt of really facing the challanges? .. again littel bit! … what we do for that and what are doing now?… next to nothing!!!.. but still have the ambitions of entering in the challanging era!!!… when we look at our industry we will found that we have so much internal challanges to face that we have no time to face the international chalanges… like…. the industry men have the chalanges of getting the low price cotton from their own country men at the lowest price.. geting the reduction in the export and import duties…. free cotton trade .a nd more… and our kasan bahi whant to sell their cotton at the highest prices. want the govt to emposs duties on cotton trade and import & but free export of cotton for them or for ginnes —what’s a great chanlanges and how much we are interested in it….how we can ignor it and look at the 2005 era…. we are not interested in the future but in the profit and … onces i was looking the national geography and the core message of a tele movie was … Future is not a GIFT but is a Acchievement… try to understand the real sence of it ..but unfortunatily we are not!

  2. i read this article and i get alot of information about the textile sitution in PAKISTAN.But i a ma still confused, wht r the government strategies to cope with emerging situtation, how govt cope with this prob and how the priviate sector do in this case.
    I am working in a textille industry and i am fresh MBA and I and my other friends are very much confused wether to start with our career with textile or some other business.

  3. hi!!!this is gr8 artical …provinding a lot of information….abt this industry…i m working at this project…..kindly can u help me…….whts pak is planing to face the up coming chellenges of WTO???nw whts its conditons now????wht changes in its stratages r going to b taken or its better performaence???i’ll b gr8 full

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