The Bell tolls for thee!

The 20 excited Tipians, who had come to volunteer the TIP Punjab Admission Test which scheduled on Sunday 27th July at APTMA House Lahore, had to leave immediately as the examination centre was getting overcrowded.

A total number of 7 students out of the 10 students who had applied for the Test appeared at the examination centre.This number has decreased from the 40 students who apeared for the test last year. Cool, isn’t it?

14 Replies to “The Bell tolls for thee!”

  1. Must have been a wrong address, probably wanted to goto Al Hamra and catch the afternoon show 😉

  2. they went there on there own accord but still …its not very encourging when u find that people r no longer intrested in your university….

  3. girls? dude TIP could hardly attract a few couple of BOYS n u r taking about girls..huh..
    but maybe the volunteers go there uninvited every year looking for girls..but the problem is..they just dont come..

  4. i remember 2 years back someone raised this issue infront of the Canceller in the TISF slot n he said..”MAYEBE THE PEOPLE OF LAHORE DONT READ NEWSPAPERS HAAHA..

  5. Ok here’s the thing. Perhaps TIP isn’t doing the right things to market the university. What about the students? What about all those social networking websites that everyone’s clung to 24/7? Why don’t the students use them to promote TIP? After all. A better TIP means value addition to our degrees?

  6. @oxymoron, you have no idea how much the students try to promote their university. Let’s give them credit where due. What other ways of promotion do you have in your mind that can be done on social networking websites?

  7. back in school… even universities like Harward, yale, MIT nd ofcourse LUMS, which i dont think need any marketing, used to come in our school and give presentations.why cant our administration do that?we cant just rely on newspapers…

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