The Enduring Argument


Bravo for your insightful “God Vs. Science” debate between Richard Dawkins and Francis Collins [Jan. 15]. The discussion is not only important to Christians but to humans of other faiths as well. How can you compare God with science, which is merely a way of analyzing material things? Darwin’s theory of evolution doesn’t contradict the existence of a Supreme Being, since time and space have no relevance to God—our billion years could be a single moment to him. I disagree with Dawkins’ assertion that science doesn’t deal with metaphysics. Science is not in competition with God but is one way to approach him. That is apparently the experience of Collins, whose faith rests on reason. We require both religion and science to reach beyond ourselves.
Kamran Mohsin
Multan, Pakistan

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  1. Kamran ,it would be appropriate if you also publish the reply of the editor and the Actual article that published.!!!

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