The Irfanolution Is Back Upon Us

Irfan Hussain

The Man Behind TIP’s Revitalization
The Glorious Return of TIP & Mr. Irfan Hussain

By Abid Reza TS4

Ahh, some back-breaking and exhaustive internships … why do they call them summer “vacations” anyways?? In no time, we found ourselves at the doorsteps of our final year at TIP. No, not again… same boring classes, with those inexperienced teachers. Life’s dull.

But it was not all dull about coming back to TIP. Rumors had it that our former president Mr. Irfan Hussain was coming back to replace Mr. Shakeel Ahmad. The speculation about his return and the changes he’ll bring with him were the most common talk amongst the students in summers. And as we expected, he was back indeed. Let’s see the befores and afters of this man.

Mr. Irfan was the former President of TIP, and left to make way for Mr, Shakeel Ahmad as we entered the institute in 2002. We had really good, qualified, experienced and professional teachers at that time, but our institute was having a hard time coping with its finances. Mr. Shakeel Ahmad focused on this weak point, and really lifted TIP to its monetary feet once again. But every good comes at a cost of another, and we the students suffered a lot. What was sacrificed was the reputation of TIP. The good teachers were not being paid their proper dues, as a result of which they left TIP. The foundations of TIP stood upon its good teachers, and these events shook them real hard. Who taught us then? Non-qualified and inexperienced graduates, who had hardly spent a few years in the industry!!

Doesn’t sound good, huh? Well, Mr. Irfan Hussain is now back as the President of our beloved institute. His first action: bring back those teachers. Mr. Aslam Khan, Mr. Adil Moosajee and Mr. Shujaat Alvi are the first three big names that have been brought back. What a relief, especially for us, the final year students. These teachers are now giving us the real practical knowledge that they have been giving in the past.

One can only hope that Mr. Irfan will continue this policy of bringing experienced teachers and brewing up the reputation for which TIP is known as the top institute in the industry.

4 Replies to “The Irfanolution Is Back Upon Us”

  1. No doubt Mr. Irfan is doing something really good for TIP… but I guess he is not focusing the teachers of design department… ‘Yes’ im talking about our Ma’am Bushra Alam… she is a teacher jin ka apna kaam bht fazool hota hai, his choice is just pathetic, she never support students, she never even listen to her students, always do FAVORITISM (koi favorite student ho tu chahey us ka kesa b kaam ho usey ‘A’ hi deti hain), students sey apni dushmani nikalti hain n much much more… SHE IS NOT AT ALL A GOOD TEACHER!!! coz of her we were insulted in industry during our internships!!! they were saying “acha Bushra k students ho (hahahaha) haan phir tu tum loag ainvian ho gey bushra ki terha…” n coz of her ppl in industry were laughing at us “hahaha.. acha TIP sey aaey ho??? huh!” WE SIMPLY DONT WANT BUSHRA AT ALL!!!!!!!!! I wish Mr. Irfan read my this comment!!!!!!!

  2. oh yes,u r rite madam…in my last three years i have seen many changes in designing faculty…every semester u ppl ve a new design or weavin teacher and its very difficult to handle it.but danish sahib tau jaanay ka naam hi nahi le rahey hain…wishin u guyz a very best of luck..i hope our President will do somethin abt it…but tell me one thing is bushra alam really that bad?

  3. the only problem i guess with bushra her lack of experience in the industry. she worked in naqshbandi but that too a very little exposure..and working in a buying house doesnt count. Assya Samad was an exception cuz of her own talent however she too made some mistakes which she later rectified as she got more and more of design batches to teach.

    Since not many people in the industry know Bushra as a respectable designer so obviously the students cannot get the due consideration.

    I wud request Mr. Irfan Hussain to seriously consider sorting out the design department. We should have atleast one Gud Experienced Design Head like the KU or the IVSAA design department has. Working with Bushra Alam is not a harm…it is just in transfering knowledge, she still needs a senior to guide her!

  4. @timbaktu
    Yes bushra alam is that bad and sir danish, ma’am kulsum n the new artist teacher (forgot her name) r the best at the moment. no doubt ma’am Sehar is also very gud… the only probem is BUSHRA ALAM!
    @Kashif Jamil Abbasi
    As u r saying she worked at Naqshbandi n it was too a very little exposure im agree… but tell u truth, she left naqshbandi achanak sey without informing them properly (this is wat naqshbandi ppl told us) also, they were not happy with her coz of her work… i myself luked her work just dont ask k kesa kaam tha… tell me honestly, can u use a towel jis k center mein ek bht bari gandee si lizard bani hui ho??? naqshbandi ppl were really laughing at us k oh acha bushra k students ho… i mean what the hell yaar… this is so stupid…
    i donno wat to say… somebody plz take my comments to Mr. Irfan!!!!!!

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