TIP Idol 2009

Music is regarded as food for the soul. Music is as old as this world. People, initially, started with simple beats on drums and then they created various melodies on trumpet. With the advancement in technology, new instruments came into being and people continue creating melodies in their respective cultures and heritage. Different cultures of the world brought variety and beauty to the music and then poets started writing lyrics on the music and musicians started singing famous verses and poems. Music then permanently became a prime source for soul comfort. People listen to it when they are sad and also listen to it when they feel happy and want to share their happiness with other people around them.
Rotaract Club of Textile Institute of Pakistan honor music not only as a source of entertainment but also as a strong means of mind relaxation and growth. Considering this; TIP Idol was held on 29th April 2009 at TIP Bin Qasim campus. A total of 14 participants registered for the program which also included top music performers of Textile Institute Music Forum (TIMF). As soon as the registrations were confirmed, participants were seen preparing for their performances all the week along. Old performers were much more confident then those new kids who were coming for the first time. A very strange but excellent aspect of the event was that for the very first time; female students registered themselves for the musical performances in front of our audience.


On the morning of 29th April, Rotaractors involved got into action and started making arrangements for the program. Tickets were sold to about 300 people all over the campus including the faculty. Sound system was arranged my TIMF whereas other arrangements were made well before time. Event started with a usual roar of the TIP crowd who welcomed the participants and program judges which include Abbas Raza Naqvi and Kashif Abbasi (TEXPERTS) and Faiza Jamil and Hassan Zafar (from TIP faculty). Comparing was done by Tauseef Haider and Sehar (1st year students). As far as the performances are concerned, good performances were seen from Haziq, Shoaib Wahab, Sajjad Mehdi and Faizan Akram. The final decision for the first 3 prizes was obviously difficult. President Rotaract TIP, Hira Saiyed announced the first 3 positions and the certificates were distributed by judges. Haziq, Shoaib and Faizan won the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes consecutively. 2960_85384157532_640212532_2462176_5155130_n

We, Rotaract Club of TIP, have always tried to do something new. TIP Idol was one of our projects which were aimed to make a difference. We are very pleased to announce that all the money generated from the event tickets will be added to our on going fund raiser for Child Health Foundation. Few names we would like to mention here as without them the event was never possible. A big round of applause for Rtr. Aqsa Tasleem, Rtr. Adya Shamim, Rtr. Ahmed A Rehman, Rtr. Rahim Jindani, Rtr. Mohsin Butt, all the 3rd year management students and TIMF for sharing its music equipment. Special thanks to all the judges who take their time out for the program and the whole Rotaract team and students of TIP at large for supporting the event.


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  1. It would have been nice if abbas raza naqvi and my self would have been introduced as “TEXPERTS” rather than “outside from TIP” in this post!.

    Word TEXPERTS shows our affilitation with the institute which we are proud of.

  2. I apologize for the mistake. It has been corrected. I was actually not sure about that whom of you is TEXPERT and whom is not.

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