TIP’s apparel lab acquires Eton Unit Production System

Textile Institute of Pakistan’s apparel department, in comparison with others, has undergone high paced development over the last two years in terms of course restructuring and acquiring latest equipment for its apparel lab to name a few, sources claim.

The latest addition to the apparel lab is an expensive, fully functional Eton Unit Production System. At the moment, two stations have been installed for teaching purposes.

Quoting from a news report by ThomasNet Industrial Newsroom,

Eton’s unit production system (UPS) comprises a custom-designed overhead conveyor system that physically moves products of all types and sizes through the production process, eliminating manual transportation time as well as non-productive operator handling time. It dramatically reduces non-productive operator handling by consistently delivering perfectly organized component parts in the most efficient manner for each operation. By converting batch processing to highly efficient unit production flow, Eton drastically reduces costly WIP inventories, shrinks production lead times, and focuses resources on the highest priority products. The system also collects shop-floor data that supports sophisticated process control management. Eton’s UPS supports lean manufacturing practices by minimizing floor space requirements, reducing work-in-process inventories, and increasing productivity.

Among various other apparel production systems such as Modular, Bump-back and Progressive Bundle,   unit production system is often surrounded by debates where some some people believe it to be too expensive to win the cost-benefit analysis, with a single UPS station costing approx. 3000 Euros. While this may be true for countries like Pakistan, a UPS system is relatively more feasible for countries with expensive labour and working hours.

Till now, the global popularity of Eton UPS is limited with only 50,000 workstations installed in apparel manufactuing factories worldwide.

To see how an Eton UPS works, visit the apparel lab (don’t worry it has friendly people in it), or click here.

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  1. Yesterday i visited ETON System in Boräs, Sweden. I am extremely happy to see the news that ETON UPS installed in our apparel lab. Congradulates to all

  2. is this photo of the Eton UPS system copyrighted?
    I would love to use it in my textbook for Fairchild Publications.

    thanks, PAULA

  3. is eton helpful for stitching shirt’s smaller component (cuff, collar etc.) without removing it from hanger.
    If yes then how can i see the video?

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