TIP’s increasing repute; over 1000 freshmen applicants

TIP is readying to welcome the it’s biggest freshman class ever, with 155 new students. The previous record was 120 students in last year’s class. It is in appropriate increase in intake, given growing awarness and popularity of TIP in schools and colleges in Pakistan and abroad. Over one thousand (1000) applicants from all over Pakistan sat for the admission test this summer, which is a record – last year there were XXX applicants (someone please fill in the blank!).

The new BBA Honor’s program in Apparel Manufacturing & Merchandising is also a factor attracting a greater number of applicants.

TIP will also be celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. With the growing student population, the student representative association TISF (Textile Institute Student’s Forum) will also be having a more serious role among the student body.

Update: While the number of interested applicants were well over 1000, the number who actually gave the admission test were around 300. Exactly how many? Let us know.

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  1. hey…fair effort…but pleeeeeeeease pay some respect to the english language….the stuff written is not very good…I’m saying this for the whole newsletter…try to improve haan…its a suggestion…by all means…if ever u take this wrongly….cuz im not someone who makes fun of others…(that u can c very well during the campus life)
    Allah Hafiz

  2. Tauha, you might want to talk about our general English standards to Shameen Noorani and B.D. Saleem. As for the Quack, I’d suggest you write for us. “Cuz az i can c vry wll, u r someone who can!”

  3. Tauha!! i m looking forward to see some quality news from u written in quality English.
    Anyways its nice to see your comments.

  4. i dont think there is any requirement of a website when v can read the news when they get displaye on the noticeboard…. as far as this article is concerned tauha will improve bcoz he has the potential

  5. my dear kami, it’s all about increasing interactivity. on how many notice boards have you posted your comments? nuff said.

  6. all and sundry enrolling at TIP!!!
    great turnout:) keep it up, all involved:)

    just keep yr eyes and ears open from news from us texperts…we’ll be coming over pretty soon!
    hope to see all!
    cheers for a great semester!

  7. awesome turnout! hard to believe i was there just 3 months ago…:)

    keep yr eyes and ears open for news from us texperts.
    cheers all!

  8. wow sadaf!!! its good to read u bcos i miss u very much ,,,, u r very wonderful girl,,,, i mean i fell in love with u. Please try to contact with me please……

  9. Hi, this is Tabish here. I congrats all you ppl. to have such a gr8 development.I specially congrats Abid Omer to built uch a gr8 site and Abdul Saboor too for managing all the things effectively and offcourse all the Tisf members.

    Miss you all!!!!!!!!

  10. hi , guys good to see some improvement …atleast u plp R doin; somthin , well keep up the good work , it really really helps some one like me who is so away from u all, keep in touch ……do let me knwo if i could be of any help to any of u … usman khan

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