TRIC holds seminar

dsc00036-mediumdsc00068-mediumAs a part of their much appreciated campaign aiming at developing a culture of research among the student body, the Textile Research and Innovation Centre at TIP held their 2nd seminar on Feb 23, ’09 at the institute’s auditorium.

The first paper presented by Aasim Ahmed, Research Assistant, focused on the study of surface modification of fiber surfaces through plasma treatment. Aasim’s presentation was followed by one on a newly developed design of a blowroom that offers better efficiency, occupies less space and doesn’t damage fibers compared to OCB units currently being used. The functioning of this machine was explained by Daoud (TS3) and Noman (TS4), who are also the inventors of this machine.

Several students and faculty members attended the event, however it would be good if more people realize that there’s more to TIP than just picnics and sutta corner gossip sessions.

Support a good cause. Sometimes, you need to support for the sake of it, even if your interests lie elsewhere. If things go well, they’ll do wonders for all that’s associated with you, and you’ll be glad to have been a contributing factor in its success. Be the change you want to see around you.

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