Welcome Class of 2007!

Ariel view of our campus

Welcome – and welcome back – to TIP for the 2003-2004 academic year. The year ahead promises to be a memorable one, one of challenge and excitment. I hope all of you will invlove yourselves with not only your academics, but also with your community. The active participation of each member of TIP is what makes our us different. Lets keep that difference alive!

Play with us.

Learn with us.

Together we will keep the TIP spirit!

2 Replies to “Welcome Class of 2007!”

  1. …gr8 pics abid!!!..hey but wait a minute,..don’t u think u missed something there..hmmM?..(can’t see Shehzad roy’s “HASEEN MUKHRA” in there….???
    I guess next time it will be more of TIP’S own(original) stuff…..rather than haseen mukhra’s borrowed from muziq videos….

  2. So I hope! These pics were meant to be a teaser for the new kids… apparently none of them have seen this website yet.

    Note to self: must advertise.

    Coming up soon (end of this week) is a fresh layout. Do keep coming back!

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