What Sanctity!

By Aasim Ahmed TS3

The article consists of excerpts from what was witnessed being said by various invigilators and teachers during the recent class tests.

Here’s what one of the invigilators said when he saw some students cheating.

Allah Allah! Tauba Tauba! In donon ko ainda kabhi saath nahee baithnay doon ga! Iss baar kar lo ainda dekho kya ho ga!

Here’s another scenario. Half an hour into the paper a faint murmur erupts in the class. The invigilator, noticing it quietly walks out of the classroom, leaving the students unattended. We know all too well what happens next. On another occasion a teacher spots a couple of students discussing answers and the following conversation takes place.

Teacher: Yes you! What are you doing?
Student: Sir, no sir, I was just mumble, jumble, blabla!
Teacher: No, I saw that! You will lose marks
Student: Sir please, my GPA. My scholarship!
Teacher: Ok don’t do it next time.

When confronted by peers, here’s how the students justify their act!

Hum cheating thoree kartay hain. Hum to sirf answers tally kartay hain!

Such incidents are a part of the norms. It is unjust by any means. Let alone the students who refrain from such activity, it is also unjust to those who happen to get a fair invigilator while their peers appearing for the same paper get one who is morally unsound.

I leave you with the words of one of our teachers. A statement accompanied by one of the most flustered expressions I’ve ever seen, a statement that goes unheeded every time it is heard during an examination.

Dekhein beta please, cheating to mat karein!

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  1. I wont take name..ek teacher sahab they..woh to first year main humain online question paper bata dete they…

  2. Kashif, thats not cheating. Thats teacher stupidity.

    Cheating is, as you may recall from your own class, and when we had the n-1 system, that one person would do the hourly outside the classroom and then hand it in to a failing person.

  3. Mujh ko tu dukh iss baat ka hota hai k students exams say pehlay paper k liyay prepare karnay k bajayay cheating ki preparation kar ray hotay hain. Cheating karnee zaroori hai kiya.. aata hai tu aata hai naee aata tu rehnay do! kaun sa agar 2 marks na milay tu aasmaan say zameen pay girr jayain gay hum log. Haan Cheating kar k hum zaroor aasmaan say zameen par girtay hain. Yeh teachers say zaada, students ka qasoor hai. Bus cheating karnee hai chahay kuch ho jayay. Aata bhi ho paper tub bhi doosray ki fikar woh kiya likh ra hai. Her paper main 50% say zaada logon ki intention cheating ki hotee hai. Teachers sub ko university say nikaal bahar karain gay tu university main bachay ga kaun. Darr kauf tu hain naee hum logon main. Teachers ko dhoka dai k cheating kar lee and samjhay we have conquered everything. Allah tu dekh ra hain na! Ya Uss ka kauf bhi naee raha dilon main.

    Aik baar do numberon k waastay main nay bhi cheating ki thee aur pakree gayee thee. Teacher nay kuch nee kaha tha bus muskarayay thay woh aur mujh ko Sharmindagee itnee howee thee aur ubb tuk hotee hai. Imanat daari say milay way zero number bhi ubb mujh ko bohut azeez hain.

    Students take cheating as fun. Har cheez dunya main fun naee hotee. We have to understand that cheating is morally wrong.

    Dont comment k i m right or i m wrong. If by this article or by my comment even 1 person started to refrain from cheating i think we are successful in conveying what we want to convey.

  4. When i was in one of the semesters in TIP..I was failing badly in the first hourly of one subject. in the second one i managed a D. So i needed a good B to get a respectable grade in the third one.

    Along with me was my best pal Mr. 4GPA. uss ki dono first or second hourly main “A” aya tha.

    Main ne kaha ..chal dost..in the third hourly we both will do our own paper. Agar mera paper kharab hua hua. Ill give you a nod. You write on your answer sheet my roll# and my name… while I’ll write yrs on mine.. Youll fail the third hrly.. ‘ll pass with an A 🙂 It wont hurt you ..I’ll pass the hourly phase at least

    yahi hua!! Teacher bhi nahi tha.. uss ko writing samajhnay main abhi time lagna tha..

    What do you call this? 🙂

  5. Kashif bhai pehlay hee kum curruption hai TIP main … aap cheating k nayay nayay method market main la rai hain 🙂

  6. Well written Aasim, you have my pats.

    Academic cheating merely indicates the real personalities which otherwise are concealed so well.

    By the way, would like to add that condoning a case of cheating is cheating itself, on the part of the invigilator. The rules specify very well what to do if a student is caught cheating, but say nothing what the fate of an invigilator should be, should one be caught cheating. Had there been a rule like dismissing the invigilator (from his job) after -say- the third offence, I dare say, invigilators would be more careful in extending their compassion to the cheats. By the way, the line between compassion and corruption is very thin and one has to be of “sound morality” to recognize the difference.

    You put it all in a very kind way Aasim!! 🙂

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