Who is Dean Dr. Khizar Rehman?

Who is Dean Dr. Khizar Rehman? The Herald Annual 2005, a DAWN publication, in an article “Reading the Pulse” on “alternative education, quotes a Dean Dr. Khizar Rehman as TIP’s Dean. Who is this new Dean of TIP?

The article states “private and public sector universities are catering to shifting market demands by establishing alternative, career-oriented departments,” along with TIP as one of the examples. Our new and knowledgeable dean elaborates in the article; “the idea is to produce trained professionals for middle-level management in the textile industry.”

While students are eager to learn more about the nitty-gritty of textile wet processing, knitting and weaving, Dr. Rehman says the current market trends are inclined towards design technology and apparel manufacturing. The reason, according to Dr Rehman, quite simple: “Professionals are now needed in the garment industry because spinning has made rapid advancements.”

That simple, eh? So had spinning not made rapid advancements, the garment industry would have been a flop? Your thoughts on the new Dean and on his thoughts?

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  1. welcome mr Dean (the new one) and also to mr bandukda. hope both will bring a nice changes. one thing which is confusing me is the situation that one tini mini institute and two gaint Deans. i have some doubts “khain TIP main musical chair too nai ho rai”

    any how best of luck to TIP and to all Tipians.

    happy new years and best of luck for the up coming semester.

  2. What are are these advancements which have rendered professionals in the field of spinning useless?

    The reason stated above doesn’t seem to connect.

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