YinG National Conference (Anti-Corruption)

By Amna Khan, TDT 1


On the 8th of September 2007, a Youth In Governance (YinG) National Conference was held at the Regent Plaza, Karachi. The conference was organized by the Transparency International Pakistan, which is a non-political, non-partisan, non-investigating and non-profit organization that works with the private and public sectors in order to eliminate corruption from the society in a non-confrontational approach. Its main objective is to strive to make Pakistan a better place to live in.

The theme of the conference was that how the youth at large could unite together in order to fight against corruption, which is considered as a rampantly increasing social issue. 10 TIPians (6 boys and 4 girls), escorted by Sir Ali Hafeez, attended the conference. The speakers were from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, National Assembly, Human Rights Commission Pakistan, University of Karachi and Dadabhoy Institute of Higher Learning.

The highlights of the conference were the improvement in governance in Pakistan, the effort made by the government concerning the education department, the role played by an ethical civil society, civilization, culture, community and state. Common justice, common consciousness and positive thinking were emphasized upon as building blocks for a stronger society.

Prominence was also laid upon issues related to the youth. 2006- 2007 is celebrated as the Year of the Youth. The youth needs to realize the power that they can possess in order to make Pakistan a better place to live in. Our motivations require analysis and planning along with determination, resilience and will power. The youth should continue to improve the image of our country but in the end remember that as Muslims we have a specific mission to accomplish and that requires submissiveness towards Allah.

Mr. Saiduz Zaman Siddiqui from HRCP talked about human rights and in particular about rights of the youth including the right to acquire education, health facilities, the right to know how much we are privileged, able to pursue our dreams and capable of making our own decisions. He concluded his speech with some golden words, he said that: “ Living together is the strongest and viable strength for the community. ”

To simply put it to words, the experience was remarkable; it was worth listening to the speakers especially to such experienced personalities. We all were awarded with certificate of participation. It really made me realize that the youth can make a great deal of difference and each of us is gifted with such persona that can actually empower the foundation of our nation.


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  1. Nice write-up Amna, Great going.

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    Keep YinG alive and active.

  2. Thank u so much Sir Ali for appreciating my write-up. Yeah sure you have my permission to post it 🙂
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  3. very well written. hats of to you for your first article in quack which i believe is a pretty major accomplishment for you so,do keep on writing and next time remind others to take pics by themself rather than asking some one to do it .. lolz.

    keep up the good work.

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