Zain Mustafa mesmerized TIP

TIP witnessed a great day of this leap year on a date we wait for four years to come. Apart from its importance, one of the most successful sessions of TIP Talk were held and organized by team TIES which had a turnout of about 150 students along with some dispersed faculty in the lecture theatre to control the discipline. Obviously, many didn’t know about the speaker they were about to listen and be surprised and inspired from.

Zain Mustafa, owner and one of the successful entrepreneurs from Pakistan took out his valuable time to speak to the students on value, aesthetics and entrepreneurship titled “The Business of Design”. Starting off with his informal introduction, he called upon some healthy individuals on the stage to demonstrate a practical example to achieve success in any walk of life. They were asked to do push-ups within a time of two minutes as much as one could do. Hasan Nasir of Textile Sciences did the most push-ups leading the small competition by far. The example made us understand that one individual having his mind, body and spirit synchronized to perform some action can perform miracles turning the individual into a leader or an entrepreneur.

Moving on with his slides, he showed us some of his great artwork after some plagiarized slides having definitions of value and aesthetics and their co-relation into design. Each artwork has a relation and inspiration along with a desired goal set by the customer in which the final place should be molded. The whole presentation contained valuable work of his life that took him towards the success he holds today with pride being a Pakistani and continues on to portray the country all around he set foot in the world. The last slide of his presentation was indeed remarkable in which he gave a new look to the atrium of our design studio from ‘Texture Institute of Pakistan” to what he saw it should be in accordance with the name ‘Textile Institute of Pakistan’.

In the end, Zain was given TIP’s plaque by Sir Umair Saeed, academic and program coordinator of Sciences at TIP along with some words of appreciation by Saira Danish Ahmed, previous program coordinator of Design at TIP for his time and the information passed on to the students which could result in future entrepreneurs representing the institute in the market and industry both nationally and internationally.


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  1. the idea of speaker sessions seem very interesting.. i hope ppl will benefit a great deal! good stuff TIP!!

  2. Great work by the great ppl.. TIEs is a real asset for the TIp and for the students .calling Zain Asking IRfan hussain to come and talk about ideas ,Salman Alvi presence and so on its really raising the bar of tipians and that will surely improve the quality of employees or Entrepreneurs from the university.

    KEEP Going!

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