About the Commenting System

In the last few weeks, the openness of the Quack! Online Commenting System has been an issue of serious discussion. The quality of comments has seen a massive deterioration, and the use of choice language is on the increase. The Quack! Team pondered upon the many options available to keep comments on discussion, and decided that openness and anonymous commenting must not be compromised.

In this lieu, 20 recent comments has been deleted (the total number of comments as of now are 981, down from 1001). Any comments that are off-topic, that is, not pertaining to the article or topic being discussed, will be deleted by our new Super AutoMagick Quality Comment System(tm).

And for those who have a cow, a forum is being implemented where you can rant, rave and abuse to your hearts content. The Quack Team has a job opening for a Forum Administrator. The pay scale depends upon the individual.

10 Replies to “About the Commenting System”

  1. thank god abid..and thank you too for some effort..i asked the TSIF president Mr saboor to do sumfin abt the abusive language used by some guys on the page for me and Usman (and that too for the crime we dint do and dint know abt) and the reply i got was “delete kerduye saray messages” but they were still there. I am thankful to ya that despite of yr hourlies you tuk some time out and showed some of the juniors still really still care for us seniors.

  2. Hey kashif bhai, don u worry, Quack’s administration has blocked all those persons who were using abusive language. And next time they will suffer inshallah , if they do this kinda thing again. At all you are our seniors. We respect u all.

  3. Abid can u give us emails of the following ….
    President TIP
    Umair Saeed
    Dr.Abdul Jabar
    Lab Incharge (Wet Processing)
    Arif Idrees
    Ali Hafeez
    & Mr B.D.Saleem
    i need official email ID’s ….it will be alot help to me . And also give me the postal address of our new city campus

  4. Will do on Wednesday.

    And please try to keep comments on topic. You can email me directly for such work.

  5. Dear Kashif;

    i am extremely sorry for the inconvinence but movabletype takes some time to remove items which are deleted and some times because of some scripting erorr a page may not be updated at some instance.

    But anyways as Abid mentioned in his writeup we will try our best to make this forum as constructive as possible keeping it open and anonymous for constructive commenting.

    Waise u have the right to say and i admit that it was my fault i must have checked the pages in the morning.

  6. hey mr abid and mr. asim
    do post my previous e-mails
    please this will help Mr. Mohsin Ali Sadiq of TS2B.
    He is a nice guy, I have his final paper of TXCH-250 2006.

    and he alreay has goten his results……… yuk yuk……………………………

  7. i an waeting forr reply ****************************************************************************************

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