Hey hey hey!

Surprised by the new look? Well, Quack is evolving into a new and improved version two.

Please tread carefully while we evolve this site in front of your very eyes.

Update: This is only a temporarily setup to force me to make a better design. Any suggestions as to what new could ne incorportated are welcome. This is only a temporarily setup to force me to make a better design. Any suggestions as to what new could be incorporated are welcome. I’ll also keep updating you on this post on the thought process going into the redesign.

15 Replies to “Hey hey hey!”

  1. colours are dull..plus the site isnt user friendly as the previous one was!..i would suggest to return to the previous lay out and add something interesting for the readers..rather than changing the lay out..which hasnt any thing new to offer

  2. well colors can be improved…i like the layout its better than the previous one…its has a more professional kinda look…just work a bit on the cloro scheming

  3. kashif its just that u were kinda used to the previous layout, its not that this one is not user friendly, and secondly the colors are perfect, i guess these colors give a preofessional and decent look!

  4. Good Work Abid!
    Its better than the previous layout.. gives a Professional look.. now just transform this website into an indenpendent URL instead of on Offroad..

    Good Luck !

  5. The colors could be improved, maybe a happier shade of blue. It’s professional enough, though.

    The site should be more interactive and better yet, independant.

    It should be more pictorial and you should make sure when approving comments that lame, useless teacher bashing should be edited. It should carry a purpose. Bash, complain and criticize, but not for the petty SAKE of it if you know what I mean.

    Include a category called ‘books’ or ‘book reviews’.

  6. Farhan, this is a temporary design. It will drastically change over the coming months.

    Please define “independent.”

    And about book reviews, we’ll add that category when we have about half a dozen reviews — till then they’ll go under a “general” category.

  7. maa picturez maa pictures ….still no space here for maa pictures :'( :'( i hope your working on that too. bringing them online aswell. puliz… ;)quackonline soundz perfect!!!! …

    about financing the website i think TISF is the best Team for financing such an effort if they cant help it Abid you can alwayz count on me Really i can finance it for you.

  8. If color is changed to a dark blue it would also be professional plus attractive than this gray one which is I think giving a more executive, serious kind of a look and students of TIP are not that serious.

    I really appreciate that comments are now in a sequence of descending order. The previous ascending order wasn’t user friendly at all.

    Add some unique kind of fonts that are attractive plus readable. Can you add Harry Potter fonts on headings?? 🙂 just a suggestion!!

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