Managing your email inbox

Does your email inbox have hundreds (or thousands) of messages? Are most of these messages still unread? Are you getting too much spam? Do you find it hard to filter through your inbox to get to your more important emails?

Many Texperts on the Textile Institute Alumni Forum mailing list recently had trouble dealing with an increased flow of emails sent on the mailing list. This prompted me to send an email to the list about dealing with their inbox crisis.

It seems a lot of people have had trouble handling the increase in emails on the TIAF mailing list over the past few weeks. I would suggest some common strategies to deal with this.

  1. One is to set “filters” which automatically direct mailing list emails away from your inbox into a separate folder (or label, if you’re using Gmail). This way you can concentrate on your more important emails, and read the Texperts emails as and when you’re interested.
  2. Another is to unsubscribe to emails from the mailing list. You will be able to still read the emails on the website When you do this, make sure you don’t unsubscribe to the list itself — your name and email address will remain on the list so that you can be contacted if need arise.
  3. Third is to change your subscription option to “digest delivery” where emails would only be sent every 2 weeks (or something like that).
  4. Fourth, when you reply to an email from the mailing list, try to reply to the sender only — unless if you think your reply is important for the entire community.
  5. Finally, you should know that this group is moderated, and that spam or irrelevant emails or not sent to the group.

If you found these tips helpful, would you like to see a follow-up article on effective inbox ettiquette?