Quack! Online Rotating Header Submission Program

Header screenshot

What do you think of the new header image on Quack! Online? Would you like to create your own header for display on the Textile Institute of Pakistan’s independent student newspaper? Do send in your submissions, but first have a look at the guidelines:

  1. The submission must contain the title “Quack! Online”. This must be prominent as the title of the website, and must be clearly legible.
  2. The submission must contain the tagline “Textile Institute of Pakistan’s independent student newspaper”. This must be smaller than the title, and must also be clearly legible.
  3. It is recommended (though optional) that the submission should contain an illustration of a duck (or a rubber ducky).
  4. If the submission contains the name of the creator, this should be in the format “Image by Your Full Name” and must be discrete.
  5. The submission should be in .JPG (when based a photograph) or .GIF (when composed of large blocks of solid colours) format, and of width 750 pixels and height 200 pixels. The image should be of less than 100 kilobytes.

It is recommended that the header images be “more” than pictures or photographs with the above guidelines. This implies that your are encouraged to use your imagination (and the creative tools at your disposal) to create header “art.” Don’t limit yourself to photographs.

Further comments:

  1. Clearly legible: Text placed on a background of a photograph is usually not clearly legible for a number of reasons, mostly because photographs contains a large gamut of colour variety that may blend in with the text. Ways to remedy this are to place the text on an area of plain background, using a text colour contrasting with the background, using bold type, blurring the area behind the text, and finally, outlining the text with another colour (for example you could use the ‘stroke’ option in Photoshop to set an outline of 3 pixels around the text).
  2. Animation: Did you know that is is also possible to create animated headers?

And what happens when you finally send your header art? Your submission will undergo a devilishly complicated multi-tiered selection process to ensure that all selection is fair, unbiased, and worth of display as a header of the esteemed Quack! Online.

10 Replies to “Quack! Online Rotating Header Submission Program”

  1. woh couples wali tasweer fahashi ko promote karnay kay liay lagwayi gayi thi on american agenda.

  2. [:D] Interestingly when I tried to explain that to the faculty they though I was weakly trying to defend “Fahashi!”

  3. It wasn’t that fahash, was it? It’s funny how an innocent picture of a couple, that hasn’t even been put there intentionally, excites them, and chughtai’s nudes don’t. Paintings that they’ll overzealously show to young tdt girls the age of their little sisters, as art specimens. 🙂

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