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While Quack! Online is an open forum, people have misunderstood the purpose of Quack. The purpose of Quack is that each and every student in TIP can share their views on a posted article by the Quack team, and also anybody can post an article by mailing it to Abid Omar, but from the past recent weeks I’ve been noticing that the students are posting a comment then someone criticizes their comment and then the same person strikes back with another comment.

Are we having an e-war here? If you people want to talk to talk to each other please use the channel on IRC. Not only the students are involved in this but our TISF as well. Recently the TISF was involved in a literally childish comment tide with some Dr. Carlos guy. Iit is quite traumatic to see our representatives act in such a babyish and immature manner.

Action required Abid.

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  1. I’m in disagreement here. First of all there is nothing wrong or right in this world, it is our personal preception and judgement which make us decide between wrong and right. So if someone comments on someone’s comment there is nothing wrong. Unless the comment is non-relevant — like comments from alamgir and from masood and zain.

    Second, you pointed out to the comment war between TISF and Dr. Carlos. I suggest that you again have a look at what was written in that regard. We only clarified the doubts of students about TISF, and I don’t think that there was such childish, babish or what ever colour in those comments, and it was all relevent to the post “TISF Picnic delayed” and I think every student has the right to question their representatives.

    Its an open forum which need to be open for all, so don’t be too pesimistic with these small wrong things we are developing and hopefully this forum is going to make a big change. And the change has already started to take place.

  2. Well said Saboor Bhai . I m with u .

    Its an open forum which need to be open for all . And the change has already started to take place.
    possible solutin is only & only discussion

  3. ” Welll Saboor bhai Ur 1000% right as because peoples are I dont know their thinking criteria what asif u see Ale Kazmi critisizes me and Alamgir .WHYYY? is he the owner or he is the boss? no he is only a visitor u cant if u see in Inter University debate pictures . A rumble and humble quarrel is going there. Those whu think they are good writers are really in VAIN. Critisizm isnt the IDea am i correct beacuse commenting on the opinion is the main reason of the OPinion box and not to crack or crash as dont make it a jungle E website Plz irequest all the comment writers. “

  4. According to the President, TIP is a democrtic institute, and democracy means u have the freedom to say what eva u want. As far as Dr. Carlos is concerned he was having his views which were later corrected. People have their views which need to b corrected in order to make them realize of the facts. So, commenting on an article aint that mad adil. U have to invite critisism and its good may b us( the TISF) might get ideas to change themselves.

  5. I think criticism is a good thing and by it we explore new ways in a discussion . But it should be in some extent , should not cross the limits . as excess of any thing is danger . Criticism should not hurt any one as I was Hurt by someone recently .

  6. ur are right that Quack was ans is supposed to be a weekly newsletter but what we notices specially i my self that every time we claim to make it weekly but all failed and after a long period we see it on the board and the secong thing is that all the topics whicha re convered in it are already placed on quack online and the result is that students don’t like to read it then …

  7. Raghib ali khan your English is awesome.Kool English.you are one of my favorite student..But NOw,dont ask me why !!

  8. Nice article Adil. Sory tht wz not able to comments frm quite a much time.
    now somethng regarding to the comments posed yet. saad,plz dnt correct my views but knidly take us on the picnic. God knows, tht wether we`ll able to grab picnic or have 2 wait for next semester. Now jst take the instance of our Sp.sec who is so busy now a days tht he`s yet not able to arrange any Night cricket tournament. Ha, there is one way 4 him, like the football tournament wz arranged by hammad, badminton tourn by salman, same way he is searching 4 the guy who`ll arange him cricket tournament. well guys for cricket tournament, wait untill Sp.sec wil able to catch any MURGA.
    and now TISF, dnt pose any irrelivant comments on ths regard coz thn again people say tht “TISF was involved in a literally childish comment tide with some Dr. Carlos”

  9. *****ya! thats right we are on the right path to make TIP better. to disscuss on this site and there should be a place where all phone nos and ID’s of texperts and all who are studding at TIP should be made avalaibe so that we can no them well.

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