Rules of Commenting

Commenting’s fun! If you’re not doing it yet, do it already! Contribute something!

Rules of commenting, adapted from Avalonstar.

  1. Stay on-topic.
  2. Real names are a trend these days, I’d appreciate it if you’d use yours. Not a rule, but rather a request.
  3. “Anonymous Coward” – If that’s your usual nickname, forget about posting here.
  4. Stay on-topic. Oh wait, I already said that. Well, it’s so important it deserves two places.
  5. Contribute to the discussion. “This article sucks you bitch,” does not apply as a comment that would contribute to any discussion.
  6. Please, just don’t be a complete and utter idiot. You’re human right? Act like a civilized one. To get to the point, if your comment looks like spam, it’ll be treated as such.

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