TIPUnderground MSN Group

Quack is not alone! There is another TIP-related website online at “http://groups.msn.com/TIPUnderground”:http://groups.msn.com/TIPUnderground. Go have a look, its not too shabby.

bq..Now itz time to launch our own msn group, a place on internet of our own..

Chek out for latest news n views abt diff. stuff, updates, news about TIP, ne thing u’d like or not, u want to share. Muzik freaks buckle up cuz this is the place where ur really gonna be updated with the latest muzic updates n stuff, Plus wallpapers n lots of more kool stufff..

Concert Pix are on the group do chek them out..!!


3 Replies to “TIPUnderground MSN Group”

  1. wishing the group all the best hope it doesnt turn out the way MYTIP@yahoo.com did …..also hoping that the group moderator be really able to manage all that he has promiced and after a shuru ka shoq group thanda na par gaye …;)

  2. Do u kno that
    txch-250 paper final

    of mr. mohsin ali sadiq is with me

    and he had graded for that…………..


    this is exam system of tip

    please give me reply

  3. Dear “fuzzzzzzz”

    Its hard to give you a reply when you don’t post under your real name.

    Also, please try to be more specific about whatever you’re going on about.

    And also, try to keep your comments relevant to the topic. If you have anything irrelevant to say, you can always email the editors.

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