Another Important Point to ponder Upon….!!

Pakistani society and culture today is going through tougher times. People’s mindsets are changing and their trends are going the other way. Our society, at large, has become very less sensitive and our public is getting rapidly ignorant of whatever is happening around them. To add it to the spice, we are also facing earthquakes, floods, suicide bombings, target killings, plane crashes, road and train accidents. At the same time, we see less art and few artists (poet, writer, sculpture making etc) and those artists who are working possess very bad level of maturity and understanding of their art.

Generally it has been observed that whenever any society is struggling, it produces more artists with exceptional art works. Sub-continent has produced some of the great artists and their art is still recognized in the whole world. Indian/Pakistani paintings, poetry, literature, novels, editorials, movies and drama serials had been recognized and well appreciated in every part of the world. But now, being a youth, I see a major change particularly in our youth. Today, youngsters rarely understand art and literature and infact make fun of it wherever they get a chance. All of us receive dozens of text messages daily in which very vulgar and inappropriate comments are given about our Urdu poets. Their famous stanzas are being edited and attached with dirty sentences and comments and the strange thing is that we all forward those text messages to other friends.

These poets includes Ahmed Faraz, Mirza Ghalib, Wasi Shah and even at some cases Parveen Shakir. Instead of reading and quoting the correct “ashaars” and feeling their intensity, we never miss a chance to attach “Faraz” or “Ghalib” or “Wasi” or “Parveen” to any inappropriate sentence. The very sad part of the story is that our media, journalists and poets are turning a blind eye to it and I see no news reports, articles or protest against this humiliation of our poets and artists. Our youth should have been more sensitive and much responsible in these times but actually they are the ones who forward these text messages. Sadly, this is not the end. TV and radio presenters are also being observed making fun of serious Urdu poets and their poetry and no one speaks even not the local community of Urdu poets and professionals related to literature. Recently, a famous TV anchor of a private TV channel, made fun of Urdu poets and poetry and no one shouted on it.

When society becomes ignorant, it can merely ignore any thing. Any bomb blast, any mass incident and or any natural disaster are now just another “suspense story” for us. As much we are insensitive to these incidents, we are also insensitive to the famous poetry of these poets and instead of appreciating their talent; we make very serious fun of them. Art, in its true sense, must be practiced with a sensitive soul and with equal responsibility. As far as humor in poetry is concerned, there is a separate style of funny poetry and writings of serious Urdu poets must not be putted in this way. It is high time that our youth start realizing that what is right and what is wrong and stop forwarding such humiliating forwarded text messages. We need to rebuild over the foundations of arts and literature set by our ancestors. It is time that media and local literary community should make people aware about the contributions of these poets in Urdu poetry and this recent trend of vulgar and funny poetry along with the names of famous poets needs to be discouraged at every forum. I hope next time you received a “Faraz” message, you are not gonna forward it 🙂