Cajoling The Need for a Mosque

I presume the name of the article is pretty succinct and easy for anyone to understand (no that wasn’t sarcasm).

I do not know if someone already has talked on this issue or not, but the feeling inside is so obstinate that I have to let it flow. I believe that a ‘Masjid’ is a very important and a very holy place for every muslim, so why do we have to go to the cafeteria to offer our friday prayers?

I was told by someone that this is a very good place to make your point and to reach out to the Bosses out there… so here I am.

Correct me if I`m wrong, but I’ve heard that friday prayers are supposed to be offered in a Masjid where regular prayers are offered.. so would anyone tell me that if anyone ever bothers to go to the cafeteria to offer any of the daily prayers?

I’ve heard people talking about getting new machinery in the labs and getting some good stuff for the university, but I’ve never heard anyone talking about the delayed construction of the Masjid.

Secondly, okay… everyone goes to offer their friday prayers in the cafeteria (hostel) but then again, what about the sound system?…

I might sound like a very immature whining kid, but comeon!… think about it… the guys standing in the last 3-4 rows can’t even hear the Maulana Sahab reciting.

I’ve seen the pillars of the new Masjid firmly engulfed by the earth but it’s been 5 years that this new campus has been envisioned.

What do you all say about this?…

Author: Anonymous


For more on need for a mosque, read “Need for a Mosque” by Mazhar Moosani and “Things we need” by Adil Marvi, published earlier at Quack! Online. The comments are especially interesting.

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  1. Assalam o Alaikum,
    very right u are asim, before ur batch came to TIP we used to offer prayers adjecent to chemistry and weaving labs but now that space is occupied by rooms. Regarding the offering of juma prayers in the hostel cafeteriya yes five time prayers are offered at hostel cafeteria except the zohar prayer which is offered below the designing department on the five working days of the weak also, it has to be offered at a place where all rest of the prayers are offered, BUT space is also required .IS there any larger space available in TIP than the hostel cafeteria where all students and staff members can gettogether and offer juma prayers NO so it will have to do for the time being untill a new proper MOSQUE is made. The important point u have made about the sound system is indeed a very important issue, there should be a mike available for Imam sahab not because the guys standing in the back rows can’t hear him reciting but because they can’t hear the KHUTBA for which we offer juma prayers

  2. well done writer!!! but don’t u know that TIP is in financial Crisis Of getting as much money from students. Now this is a well debated topic BUT.. for building a MOsque TIP needs Sponsorships , Financial ASSistance from Students .. really they can build Sport related Courts but for Mosque they Create excuses. Everybody knows DEA….. whatever he says he never Do that … I can prove It!! he said while discussing problems in our class that a MIc set has been arranged for A Certain TEACHER, and also revealed that the MIc set would also be used in the CAfeteria ( Mosque ), but uptill now i havent noticed any Mic set used in Any of classes or In Mosque Because THey Only know How to Apply A BIG BIG TOPI, as u all are well known to our TIp management, Bas ab sirf parho aur baqi koi Kam to TIp haina and serious Speaking.. “Dont expect any kindness from TIP”>>> (Golden WOrds)

  3. SALAAMZ to all,
    nowadays everyone is talking abt QUACK saying that u can talk abt anything here & raise the curtains from the hidden truths & realities of our so called gr8 institute, so this is my first time here….
    After going thru this article i can say that this is written by a freshman who is not yet fully aware of the environment of TIP……Munawwar you are absolutely right abt the DEA__ but i think its your fault bcoz you didn’t approach him & raised the matter in a right way…dont you remember what ADIL & FAHD said on 31st AUG…before asking anything from the DEA__ you just have to write an application signed by the whole class;)….I dont think funds are a major cause for the MOSQUE not been constructed as one of our teacher told us that losses of TIP which were in millions 3-4 years ago are almost finished now… the issue for the need of a mosque was once raised infront of our __RESIDENT sahab & he replied “ALLAH tou har jagah maujood hai aur hamari bes NIYYET honi chahiye NAMAAZ ki….aap kahin per bhi NAMAAZ parh lein ALLAH to her jagah maujood hai WOH qabool karle ga……”
    I think those who are a part of TIP for 2-3 years now can easily guess whether the MOSQUE will ever be constructed or not????? for the freshmen i just have to say that “SABER karo AAHISTA AAHISTA seb kch samajh jao ge aur tum log bhi AADI ho jao ge….

  4. Walaikum Salam everyone!,
    yeah I`m the freshman who wrote this article… was just a little too frustrated to write it actually..
    but yeah.. I`m not very much accustomed to the environment at TIP!…but I guess I`ll make my way by writing such ornate peices of writing more frequently! :p

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