Earthquakes, dead lizards and more

By Hira Saiyed TDT1

Ramadan’s in full swing here. It’s currently 3:30 pm and I’ve come to the point that even the sludge in the lake seems extremely appetizing… I hope I get over this stage very quickly, because the last thing I plan to do is die of cholera.

Anyway, life in TIP is moving on by fits and starts. The beginning of Ramadan saw one of the worst natural disasters in world history. The earthquake that rocked half the nation causing the death of thousands came as a completely unforeseen tragedy, and it is to the credit of the Pakistani nation that we are coping with it as maturely as we possibly can. Many of our students took the time to go to the PAF museum and lend a hand in anyway possible. Those who couldn’t go contributed as much as they could…needless to say, everyone did all that was in their power to make a difference and though it obviously isn’t enough, at least we can say we tried.

In fact, the entire world, it seems, is getting a proper beating from Mother Nature. Hurricanes hit the United States of America, Earthquakes rocked South Asia and floods drowned areas of China and Bangladesh. I remember watching a movie (” the Day After Tomorrow,” I think), and getting pretty freaked out by the hurricanes, floods and ice storms hitting the earth. Well, it seems that for once, Hollywood actually is foreseeing the future; too bad it couldn’t have foreseen something cheerful.

But all that is beside the point. What I was planning to get at eventually was that it’s events like these that bring out the best, and the worst, in people. The best saw thousands of people going to the PAF museum to contribute their time, money and effort; and the worst saw people giving away expired medicine, torn and damaged clothing or simply being indifferent to the cause. You see, there are a lot of people in this world, and not all of them are particularly good.

There are some, for example, who find it amusing to torture and then kill lizards. I hear it’s the latest trend among the so-called men at TIP to find lizards and murder them in the most inhuman way possible. Just recently I walked out of class to see one hanging by its neck from a tree, and a crowd standing around looking pretty pleased with itself. On asking a member of my class (I will conceal her identity out of common decency) why this atrocity was carried out, I get the reply, “don’t you know, it’s sawaab to kill lizards and girgits. Go look it up in the Quran.”

Which is what I did. Here are the results:

Ayaats pertaining to the killing of lizards: zero
Ayaats concerning lizards: zero
Ayaats allowing the torture and killing of any animal: (yes, you guessed it) zero.

There is nothing in the Quran that permits the purposeless killing of any animal whatsoever. In fact, even the hunting of birds and animals for the sake of game is strictly prohibited. Considering that Islam is the sort of religion that forbids the cutting of large trees, it defies logic that it will allow the killing of any creature, be it halaal, haraam or anything. So why did these people blame their act on God?

Let me wax philosophical for a bit: isn’t it becoming a habit of ours, as Muslims, to blame everything we do on either Islam or the West? For example, right now we can say that it’s sawaab to kill a lizard, it’s in the Quran… further on we can also cry out that it’s sawaab to bomb London, it’s in the Quran (in fact, I think that’s already been done.) I don’t know, but when God drops us in hell, He’ll probably blame us for not reading the Quran properly.

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  1. This is not to offend anyone, but some people here believe they know a lot and come up with certain conclusions themselves, which i think isn’t fair! One has to have real knowledge and then give references of Holy Quran and religion.

    To clarify, I asked the Maulvi Sahab of your nearby Masjid about this killing of Girgits or Lizards, and his reply was:

    “Islam permits the killing of lizards and Girgits [not torturing, mind you], if they seem dangerous or can harm you in anyway.”

    Giving the refrence, he said, its not Quran, but its in the Hadith, which says:

    “Kill these animals, before they hurt you”

    Yes, that giant lizard or girgit [almost one feet long] was dangerous, it was a risk. It took away, or I must say, snatched one leg of that grass-hopper in front of us, in like milliseconds, and it seemed poisonous too.

    And, from what i know, girgit’s throw some poisonous balls or some liquid, from their mouth and that can be extremely dangerous for anyone, and that can hurt really badly, even the strongest men.

    Now the point is, I’m giving all these explanations just because one of my friend actually killed it, and yes that torture to that lizard was ruthless, i won’t defend that infant it that was quite shameful [Ughh, and I was there and witnessing it myself, because i didn’t knew till then [Yes! I didn’t], I’m sorry, I should have stopped that]

    Anyway, I hope that satisfies your doubt. I’m sorry if it offended you anyway. I expect you to have authentic justifications next time and avoid giving references of Quran and Religion because there are load’s things which we don’t know. I asked the Maulvi Sahab esp. to have proper knowledge and then post here.

    Anyway, we [or at least I] expect from your pen. You do it really well!


    p.s. Dayem!! this was like a long healthy sermon! Anyway, Eid Greetings to everyone. Let’s have a smiple Eid this time and remember those who suffered the deadly disaster, it coud’ve easily been us, and you never know, it might just be. May ALLAH rest the soul of the people who lost it, and rest them in peace and give us the right path to follow. Pray and pray, the more you can! And this is no sermon, but the reality which we must all ponder upon. Really? Think for a second, the destruction that quake has caused, its all gone!

    Pray and pray .. I’m getting too emotional, so i better get off. Bye !

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