Education is a luxury meant for the rich

Picture a guy of a middle class family who has just lost his father because the family couldn’t afford to spare the sum for his operation. Ask him or try to convince him to pursue education and he’d immediately ask you what he could possibly get from obtaining a degree. And what exactly do we say to convince him? That it’ll increase the literacy rate of this country… a’H possibly “surely” make you a better person.

Who gets the benefits from the development and technological advances it’s obviously not 4 the people belonging to the middle class, Bereft of electricity, clean drinking water and proper roads forget about higher education majority of our countrymen cannot afford basic education because in our country it will not even get u a decent job so most people don’t bother with that either.

Let me tell you an about an incident, an international organization started a project in the rural areas of Sindh. The purpose was to provide the people with the basic education, mainly to write letters, applications, the basic calculations and a few sentences and words of English language, when a father of a ten year old boy found him eager to join the program he thrashed him and cursed the teacher for putting fancy ideas into the boy’s head. He forbids his son from studying,” “Education is useless for us. My child will help me in my work, which will eventually help us earn our livelihood.”

Not everybody can afford to study in the private institutions, no doubt after getting a degree from any such institution You’ll be able to earn a good amount of money n you’ll get a decent job at your doorstep, some of my friends will say that there are people who cannot afford, even then after studying from a very average school they do well and are awarded scholarships for their higher studies but tell me how many are they? how many of them can be amongst the position holders, it means that a person who cannot afford to study in a private institution must necessarily be an exceptional one. Check out to learn about the admission process and possibilities for applicants. Kisi nay sach hi kaha hai paisa paisay ko khenchta hai.

Some people think that there is no relation between education and earning money to some extent it’s true but if u look at the issue practically you’ll see a different scenario education does contribute towards the development of one’s personality but who will spend years of his life studying just for the development of his personality if he knows that it wouldn’t help him feed his family.

I welcome you all to comment on this issue, don’t forget to mention whether you’re supporting the statement or you’re against it.

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  1. in Pakistan, definitely education is only meant for the higher classes….and with the deplorable conditions of our government can only learn gundagiri rather than building their personality….only a small part of our budget goes into promoting education n wid the current policies….the rich is getttin richer n the poor, poorer
    the developed nations of today r the ones that spent on education n law n order yesterday….n prosperity just followed…..
    an educated person takes a practical approach to everything n therefore no matter how poor, eventually makes things happen for himself n the nation….
    so if u think education is expensive, try ignorance…this is the sort of psyc…we need to build in our nation

  2. Marium your are aware what is happening around us. Now kindly think why our leaders want to deprive us, from such a basic thing as education. I will be waiting for an answer.

  3. Yes mariyam u r right but let’s put it this way “Quality” education is a luxury meant for the rich. I believe any one can get a degree form K.U or do a private bachelor in with just 2000 Rs. but then that is not what you call education. Poor people can only get good education if the standard of our government institutions is increased.
    anyway mariyam this is a pretty nice effort from ur side to make people aware.Atleast there are people who show some concern about our education system.

  4. Only the one who can afford can get a gud education !! does this article mean this?. TIP is a gud example. Not names mentioning, I know a guy from my batch (batch of 2003) who could’nt even afford his first semester fee. He was asked in his interview by the dean, “amazing, I wonder How will you carry on if you cant even afford the fee of the very first semester” The guy showed gutts and asked to give him one chance and he will prove his point. However he was bound to pay the fee for the first semester which he did by taking load from his uncle. FROM THEN TILL THE TIME HE GRADUATED! I NEVER EVER HAD SEEN HIM PAYING TIP A SINGLE PENNY. not cuz he was a scrooge but cuz he was a 4 GPA in the first semester and then was on scholarship since then or showed such a performace that he was provided financial assistance by various means. Later TIP offered him to teach as a faculty in campus which he refused as he wanted some industry exposure. Another example is from the batch of 2004, again a studious person but not been able to pay the semester fee, he too was on continous scholarships.

    its getting a long story and a bit too boring now but the bottom line is..Education is a right for dont get your rights in a silver platter you hafta EARN it.

    You cant pay the fee..ok.. prove yr worth and study for free and there are still many institutes who beat this drum!!

  5. Salaam,
    kashif bhai it’s obviously a debatable topic and i’ve tried my best to cover both the aspects, you talked about one of the exceptionals, I know quite a few people who left TIP because of financial problems it was not like they were not studious but you see everybody cannot be like the one you had in your batch, a 4.00 GPA holder and now even if you’re on 50% scholarship you hav to pay around 35000 or more and if you know the current situation of PAKISTAN around 6 million of our population out of 14 million earns around Rs. 8000 per annum just compare the figures, Is there anything we can do for them?

  6. Walaekum salam,
    Dear Mariyam, Wish we could stand once more face to face on the stage 🙂 Just a few points to end my string of comments
    If education was a luxury meant for rich, there wont be any AQ KHAN, NO abdussalam, Dr. Atta Ur Rehman, Dr Mohammad Ali Shah.(all were from a midiocre background)
    The average income of a US national is exceeding US $1000. But a common man still wonders if he can afford to study in harvard.
    In economics, you must be knowing, there is nothing as FREE LUNCH so you pay for what you eat EXTRA.

    Education is there…but to get a better choice , one pays more. As far as education being costly, in any country, under any regime, in any era certains knowledge (the popular ones)are always costly to acquire.
    medical and engineering courses in Pak are far more cheaper, even Chartered accountancy is far more cheaper than in China , same goes for bankings and finance.
    Yes if you take TIP fee as too much..IT IS..reason shakel sb se poochtay hain ..right in the auditorium..put this topic in BD Sahab’s ears..debate kara lo hall main cuz i remember unhon ne kaha tha “Kashif, ab jab students zyada ho jayengay, we will probably lower the tuition fee…we want to give relief to the students not burden them!”

  7. this iz the frst time i m writin for quack just bcoz thz article has attraction for those ppl who know the diff. btwen money and education ,in pakstan
    there r only few ppl who have both werna ek hai to dosri nahen:) well thz articl sounds to me an absolute truth,but if somebody cant afford to study in institution like tip thn instd of cryin on his fortune he should have courage in pain , he has to blv in himself is dunya may mushkil bahut kuch hai mager namumkin kuch bhe nahen n I think kashif bhai has given us a very true example.

  8. “AQ KHAN, NO abdussalam, Dr. Atta Ur Rehman, Dr Mohammad Ali Shah.”

    Do u have some thing against Dr. Salam?
    Being the only Nobel Prize winner from Pakistan I believe he deserves a bit more respect.
    I can see all the Doctors up there in Capital.

    Check mate.

  9. no..nothing against him , just a sign carelessness 🙂 thanks again for correcting. to err is human..

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