Emotional Intelligence EQ… the new BIG thing!!!

Every single moment we are haunted by our lives’ many devastating challenges. From smaller troubles like heavy workload, working hours, family issues, inflation, power shutdowns, bad weather to greater mishaps concerning issues of injustice, insurgency, insecurity and political instability, this all have put us in a great fall of depression and a state of utter helplessness which have lead to a nasty behavioral pattern with our fellow beings, affecting interpersonal relationships and life as whole.

We, Pakistanis have become a victim of this distressing state which is affecting our social and individual lives. No solution seems to be viable to this woe other than the only one and that is to establish EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.

Emotional Intelligence can make us more productive and successful at what we do and how we do it. We need to develop rudiments to reduce stress for ourselves, decrease conflicts, and improve relationships, increase constancy, continuity and harmony.

EQ as most people refer it to as Emotional Intelligence rose to prominence with Daniel Goleman’s 1995 international bestseller called Emotional Intelligence.

EQ relates strongly with concepts of love and spirituality, bringing consideration and humanity to work and also to Multiple Intelligence which highlights and measures the range of potentials people possess and the fact that everyone has a value and we can all make a difference.

The EQ concept disputes that IQ is too tapered an entity to enable us to understand how successful one can be. We have all met people with high IQ levels who are academically so brilliant but socially inept. Success does not automatically follow a high IQ rating.

Goleman based his research on performances of top executives from some of the world’s largest corporations and concluded that almost 90% of leadership success possess EQ as its major key element.

There are 8 key fundamentals of Emotional intelligence:










Image Source: http://www.fhsc.salford.ac.uk/seminars/emotional-intelligence.php

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  1. Excellent article… Swinging from extreme positive or negative? to sensible middle ground. Then the next steps,..evaluation and execution!
    Emotions and Instincts combined are the things that have a very big influence and as the leaders of tomorrow we need to understand them in order to connect with the passion other people have and to influence them .
    Emotions can often be irrational, and lead to terrible things, but decisions based only on data are robotic and also (as history shows) often wrong, because they do not? factor in possible emotional reactions of others. Thats why the dictator’s rule always fails to prevail and eventually the emotional uprise of the general public revolts it!

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