Finding ‘Miss Right’ in a world so wrong

by Hassan Khalid

Nowadays, guys are more obsessed with the worry of finding a perfect match for themselves, than they had ever been in the past. Some amongst us might say frowning, “Phewww I have never had paid heed towards this issue� and some might shrug and exclaim, “That’s not a big blue for me, I am damn confident when it comes to “chicks.” Whatever, but by and large, this finding is indigenous rather indispensable in every guys mind.

Although it has always been acceded upon that there is no threshold for predicting and foretelling as to what is brewing in a women’s mind, but in the article I have tried to unveil the different pros and cons of different type of girls that the guys encounter nowadays.

The perfect “Mommy” girl:

Once in a while, you are into such a girl who has been trained by her mommy so as to handle every hurdle with tact. Although the credit goes to �Mommy� but the daughter is always there to prove her point of authority. She is submissive, friendly, with usually some very special culinary (kitchen) skill. She acts eerie when she starts discussing her home affairs and personal life’s complications. So to go on with such a lass, you really have to be a good listener.

The Nincompoop girl (term taken from the fashion magazine)

Before talking about such girls I have a very significant statistic saying for you to swallow and i.e.

“Nearly 50% of the girls fall in this category.”

Such girls are amazingly in a need to accept you as their savior and hero. After a couple of gossips, she starts imagining you as Brad Pitt.

Well I know that most of the guys are satisfied with a girl having such traits but be were that this much attention and blabbering from a girl can prove to be a hazardous overdose for some guys.

The egoistic girl:

Well, it’s a bad news that the face of the earth has got plenty of such self-esteemed and egoistic creatures. Somebody might ask, What’s their identity? The answer is that they always have an artificial gesture of proud ness over the face (even if the face isn�t worth it). Their ascent is superficial and so are their words. They talk less and wink more, and their best time pass would be raising an eyebrow over you.

“Afraid?” Naaa, guys just remember that such girls are nothing but a piece of cake. They might look confidant but even a slight pimple on their nose can give them sleepless nights. So confidant and gutsy boys might put their hands over such “Bombshells.”

The list may last forever but its better not to let the rabbit pop out of the hat because after all in this men’s world women are becoming so much influential and daring. So, lastly, my advice to the machos is that before you bump into some one who is uncontrollable for you, just analyze yourself. Although I am of the view that virility is the veto power but even then nothing should be underestimated and especially “girls.”

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  1. hassan—-
    i guess thet u are very much confuss about grils actually ur are in sciences are sciences walay are famous for such thing — second thing ur are spending more time on such issues rather than ur studies . onces some one quote” when u run after money run away form u” and I quote this “when u think so much about grls and run after them —- they run away from U” sooo i advice u change ur attitrude towords this grl and try to spend ur time in some other activities other wise it would not be good for ur studies and spacially UR HEALTH…..

  2. lolllsss………woww…my respected and beloved senior has thrown a bucket full of trash on me …..lolllss….i luv it when u comment me with all the beanss jumpin in ur stomach for me….hey being in sciencess is by no meanss ayrd stick for being a “frustrated 1”, u better listen to my storiess and u will beleve that i am far ahead than the designerss……smilesss…..and i wrote it for the sake of whatss going on and around…u ask ur self……how many timess u tried to hit on that girl….(i am not namin her)..and she dumped u straight..hahhaha ..kiddin……read it once again causee itss really funnny…..

  3. Well hassan ma friend…don’t lose sleep…lolx…. Coz ur beloved senior MR RAGHIB what I think has neva looked good in givin advises n on the other hand commenting on the issues particularly related to gals mania …..i mean I wud prolly be able to assimilate such comments thrown by a playboy but not the antynom(RAGHIB)…..well yeah pondering and hitting the books as advised by our senior slightly clicks in our minds as hez bookish enuff…….well the thing I am not getting is y one shud be commenting on ur proclamation coz these are facts not ur opinion(MIND IT)…n ok comin up hullabaloo look much tolerable from the gals side dude…..u av to agree!!…so Y MR RAGHIB is always here with a tremor hobbling his head through with an unappealing elucidation…huh!!..dont mind RAGHIB………….but yes its factual.

  4. dont you dare say a word about raghib bhai … he is the best … farewell fourth years (esp sciences )

  5. Here’s more appropriate title for this article, “Guide lines for Love-sick-puppies.”

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