First Impressions

As I was ushered into the impressive auditorium hall by a sophomore I felt a sudden rush of adrenaline. The one hundred and fifty so students that stared back at me were to be my peers for the next fours years.

Naturally, my mind like everyone elses’ present there, started making it’s first impressions; making a mental list of the ‘would be friends’ and the ‘never to talk to’s.’
As I scanned the lot of girls seated towards the left side of the ‘audi’ I noticed two girls in particular who seemed to be commenting on- me-. Thus from the first day that I stepped into ‘uni’, I heartily pronounced them unreachable, and in the politest possible way………unlikable.

Next came my first ride home via our very own ‘green lines.’ I hope I don’t sound like the ‘maim saab’ that my present roommate calls me, but I hadn’t had the bus cum point experience before, so I remained a mixture or excitement and worry throughout the trip. One look out the window would force me to start reciting just about all the ayaats I had memorized in school, but what else was I supposed to do for the ninety minutes back home? Much as I wanted to talk to someone I was annoyed when a boy from the first year tried to talk to me. It wasn’t so much making conversation that bothered me it was the mannerism of dialogue we had. I quote.

Young Fellow: Hello how are you?
Me: I’m fine. ( long pause…….didn’t know whether I should be making conversation on my first day…….mommy told me not to talk to strangers……=> )
Young Fellow: So where’d you live?
Me: Khi…..( duh…..yikes…………why the h*** is he asking me? )
Young Fellow: Where in khi?
Me: uMmmmmmmm…….aAaaaa….Why’d you wanna know? ( I’m gonna get kid nappeEeeeeeeeeD)
Young Fellow: You seem kinda worried…tow uMmmm………do you want some help?
Me: Phew…..eRrrr yea ……hMmmm…..kind of ( yes yes yeSssssssss……..I have no idea where I’m supposed to get oFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Unquote. After almost considering him a decent, well mannered young man………

Young Fellow: Do you have a cell phone?
Me: eRrrr…. yeA…….. ( ulloo kaa…………..tow yeh baat haY)
Young Fellow: Who’s coming to pick you up?
Me: My brother……..(what the h*** is he tryng to get at??!!!! )
Young Fellow: Does he have a cell?
Me: ( while skillfully rolling my eyes in an irritated manner) Your point being?
Young Fellow: woh…… actually I was thinking…..bla bla bla

Here too, I made a mental check to avoid, if possible, any contact with this young fellow. Leaving invalid heartbreaks ( definitely not IN the ‘uni’), skirmishes, and drastic changes of opinion, I see myself smiling at my scribblings henceforth. The two girls I’d mentioned that I’d never get along with are two of my closest friends, and two of the loveliest people I’ve met, and the ‘young man’ is one of the best forms of entertainment & solace for me.

So changes of opinion is what I’m trying to get at here. University has taught me to love yesteryear friendships, specially those formed in school. There’s no alternative for ‘old friends’, and it’d be next to impossible to find people that are even half as close to who you are, or who your friends were. Fifty percent of the people don’t get who you are and forty-five don’t ‘want’ to get to know why you’re different. Out of the remaining five percent, some comprehend your persona partially, while others ‘accept’ you the way you are. If you’re lucky, you might end up meeting one or two people that remind you of ‘yourself’. You’d be luckier still if you friends belongs to the same sex, otherwise, be prepare to be paired with you ‘friend’ for as long as you remain in T.I.P.

There’s one issue I particularly wanted to write a bit about. I remember a designer from second year saying ‘ loog hamey burger boltay thay…. Yeh first years to hum sey bhee aagay hein.’ The label’s kind of cute so I’m not going to comment on that, but for the life of me I don’t get why everyone has a habit of categorizing people. Huh….. but it’s a pretty contagious habit though, I caught on to it a bit too. I remember getting together at lunchtime discussing who is and isn’t a mela ( someone I wouldn’t want to associate with initially). With time though, I’ve begun to respect some of those too ( not those that molest or torture you! ), for individualism, is something I’ve begun to respect from the bottom of my heart. I can’t possibly say this better in English so I’ll revert to minglish “ Bas dil ka acha hoona chahiyay.”

Continuing with the theme of changes and changing it’d like to quote Sonia B, “ There’s no constant in life but change.” I still remember the look I gave Tehniyat and Naeem when they asked me to sing “ Babu jee” on my second trip back home. ( I never used to listen to Hindi music an considered BJ veRrrry cheap). And now that I’ve become a faithful addict of the horrendous song, I curse the two heartily for having made me listen to it .

A must mention in my write-up are the resident scholars. Amongst the first few to befriend me were Fareeha ( of second year) and co. Contrary to my pre- planned opinion of the resident scholars being rude, evil beings ( well….not really), I got along with the second years remarkably. They would not only help me with my basic techniques, but would spend countless hours talking to me and advising me. The water fights ( which I never took part in ), Fakeha running all over the hostel screaming that I was being electrocuted when the washing machine’s timer went off ( neither of us had washed clothes before so my friend mistook the beep), Wajeeha presenting me with a scrumptious guava from our hostel premises and the previous wardens child screaming outside our doors till two a.m., have all become valuable additions to list of memoirs.

Thus I’ve become a firm believer that first impressions do not, and should not influence our attitude towards people. First impressions should remain till our first encounters.

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  1. Sidrah wel said. your article reminded me of my very first day, arrival in Tip. For me hostel was my second home. Anyways you ppl enjoy and have fun. Because you will enjoy every bit of it (khas tor per hostel). And do raggin in limit.

  2. I don’t know why these TEXPERTS are commenting on this site these are all the members of the same group, i think they’ve nothing to do except writing such comments and reading these articles. This is the time for u guys to go in the industry and make such a good impressions for us and not by putting on your BOSIDA comments and try to stick onto your jobs for atleast 6 months

  3. Nice article, but some questions arise in ma mind,
    Why the hell “DESI” girls have got that much attitude? (Here DESI girls mean all Pakistani and Indian girls) I mean what they have got that others don’t have … If a guy talks to them in a good manner, they think, he is trying to being frank? I noticed this thing in Pakistan and here as well. This is the problem with all the “DESI” girls here. I do not know WHY

  4. It’s probably because the “DESI” guys who approach them have the word “CREEP” embossed on their foreheads.

  5. Depp this was my frist time i commented on quack.
    And to remind you TIP is still and will remain our concern and we still own TIP like you do. Any ways you should be welcoming and friendly to your texperts.
    They all take you TIPians as their own family.
    Take Care

  6. well said sidrah…first impressions shouldnt be the base of any relationship and they dont really last do they? chances are that most of the people you thought would be like you are complete opposites and you get along with those you never thought you ever could. that’s life.

  7. By the way Aasim, nobody here tries to approach a “DESI” girl. I think, we could do all this stuff in our own country as well, It’s full of “DESI” girls. I hope, you will understand what I am trying to say.

  8. yah adeel u r rite . we should welcome u all texperts . and by the way sidrah u tried well to xpreSS ur feeling . even we all believe in the said thing . KEEP IT HIGH LIKE SKY .

  9. An excellent article, made me remember my university days, the first guy however that I met happened to be a Jamaatee coaxing me into the Jamaat.

    Amusing stuff about desi’ism though. Didn’t know what Indian guys and gals are like but someone sure commented about them. Nice views, well done Sid. Ah, I sure make you sound like a burger, dont I 🙂

  10. A nice article! but don’t U think that all this wouldn’t have taken place if U would have just not been so biased!! and now that U know , U can’t guess someones personality and his attitude just by looking at him, wat do u intend to do?? will U change your attitude!!??

    By the way, no offence, but have U ever thought of your attitude towards others, like making funny faces after watching boys. Yeah I know there are some sh** fac** here in TIP. but I think U shouldn’t do that. U never know when someones feelings would get hurt by that. To tell U the truth I have been noticing everyones action since the first day of mine in TIP (that includes U too). No offence there but when u came to TIP I used to think that U were a nice and intelligent girl but as the time is passing, hatred for U is arising in my heart for U. Sorry there. I didn’t want to be so rude. it’s just a feeling of mine that I can’t hide for any longer. and Now I know that U R just an average 18 year old , DEFENCE Side, girl, who is facing a hard time growing up and Facing the reality!!! this is just a phase! Everyone experiences this sooner or later in his/her life!! but getting out of it is not easy for everyone!
    I hope U meet Good friends and may allah bring happiness in your life. I’m sorry if your feelings were hurt!! May ALLAH FORGIVE ME!!!

  11. well ur english proficiency is quiet good but that doesnt put u on top of others.
    by the way miss u cant jugde a person by looking at him, personality is something that lies deep inside a person.
    by the way that guy u r talking about is no other than MR UMAIR BABER

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