For all those who had Rs.1000 # LE NEON 2- *banjo banjo*

Neon 2 was something of which everybody was anxious about. Some said that it would be Baqwaas in reference to neon 1 in which biryani was served others said that it was going to be the most EPIC party TIP has ever seen. The exact words I heard cannot be posted due to containment of colourful words.

As the days came closer people were anxious to see the magic of neon 2. Even I went to people to ask whether they are coming or not. It was my first Dance party-in TIP- so of course I wanted to see what happens!

The preparations were sparse. I guess everybody saw the black shamiyana that was situated at the basketball court; it disappointed many that a shamiyana was put up. After Magrib the lights were put on and the music was switched on. Now, the news was that above 70 tickets were sold and more than 30 people were coming from outside.

The total people were:

60 – TIP
+ 30 – external links
   40 – Total number of people inside Neon 2
*pulling up the new math eee yaaaawwh!!* 

The dance floor was huge(Like vast) that it contained all the people at the same time. Huge!
I am not a dancer, when I dance I look like a person doing stir-ups in gym but music is my scene. I love it; I did go to neon because of it. And of course!! DJ Moeed came, he ranks 2nd in Pakistan DJ-ing list.

DJ Moeed: Please Die.
The electro he pulled was bad as it is but then he added Indian to the mix….it hurt.
Yes I paid Rs.1000. Yes I did.  Yes, I am sorry.  I AM!
DJ Moeed: rank yourself again please. Maybe you came 2nd from below.

Okay, people danced, they danced with their hips, shoulders, arms, calves, fingers, pinkies; what not. You could practically label body parts by the way they were dancing. Butt cheek (right): check. Butt cheek (left): check, and so on…

I like to move it move it!!!

It was great. It was AWESOME. Have you seen Bollywood movies with a club scene; it was like that; you cannot help admire something of which you are incapable off.
The lights were added benefit; in the dark fluctuating neon lights created a sublime effect. It made one want to stay and enjoy but the music destroyed it. Other accessories were the neon glasses, bracelets and tubes. Let me make it clear that this part happened before midnight.

People were hell bent on knowing what was there for food, so my anxious people: we got one roll and drinks. One serving to each. Okay, I agree that there is no concept of food in a dance party but when you put Rs.1000 in the mix you expect something, not trying to be a miser here but let us generalize this theory and ask how many people agree with me.

While this party was in progress a BBQ was held at the hostel area. The BBQ contained almost 25-30 people. What was in it, you ask:
Chicken boti
Seekh kabab
Chocolate truffle
Chocolate brownie
Chocolate cake
Seating arrangement
*baji app ka order tayaar hai?!*

How much per head was charged, you ask. Only Rs.370 jani. *Woooow, really?!*
oh I forgot Parhata and Raita.
I spent one hour there and aala bhai aala! people were actually coming from Neon and salivating for the Tikka and Kabab. and who wouldn’t?!
The Good people who hosted the BBQ invited us and filled our stomachs. I am forever grateful to you sir/madam.

Okay, people who came to Neon 2 from outside mostly included the texperts. They came in packs. But majority of them didn’t step into neon 2. They limited themselves to the smoking area and they went back from there.

Then after 12:30 something miraculous happened. Fairy god mother came; the neon awakened. The music changed and it was that time when I say the party skyrocketed. In simple words the party after party was great. I mean you wanted to be there and dance. The people started pouring in again and then it was a full on dance scene. That was the time when you say: paisay vasool hone lage.

Here I must give credit to Ms. Maha Abdullah and her team; who invited all the students to Neon 2 in the after party. Maha announced that those who are outside are a part of TIP therefore are invited to enjoy. It was an overwhelming gesture on her part.

To say that I was enjoying that part is an understatement. This party went on till the early hours of dawn. Kya baat thi! And it was the first party which made it to morning in TIP. So yes, at the end of it; Neon 2 was a success!?!  Whoever came to Neon 2 knows that it was an experience.  😀

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  1. Please make correction: All announcements were issued by the President USRS-TIP (Maha Abdullah) and her team. All credit goes to them along with the criticisms as you have mentioned. I hope USRS team reads this carefully for their future events.

    Best Regards,
    Majid Alvi.

  2. very well described and written meera.. 🙂

    p.s.. all the confusion between these two events actualy ruined my bday surprise and all the secret preparations done by my friends.. -_-

  3. good to see that finally an event got successful at TIP ..

    and the priority of texperts wasn’t to attend the party. rather it was to recall the wonderful time that we had.

    and nicely written btw ..

    good luck!

  4. The article seems a tiny bit biased so I just need to clarify some points so that a neutral message gets broadcasted to the readers.

    Firstly, the numerous bullet points describing things available for Rs. 370 makes us wonder WOW you could get so much for so less! But if you take a step back and think, all of the things mentioned fall under one category, food.
    Now, what did the Rs. 1000 provide:
    -Black shamiyanas (which cost more than other colors)
    -The entire sound setup
    -The grid (Lights, UV, flashers etc)
    -DJ Moeed (Pak’s no.2 DJ isn’t cheap)
    -Free/Unlimited soft drinks DURING the party (yes, they were there. I had some)
    -Food and a soft drink after the party.
    -Transportation from city office to campus and back
    -Hostel stay (for those who wanted to stay back)
    -glow glasses

    Honestly, food is not a part of a dance party. But its always there or else majority of the people don’t come.

    And now for my opinion, I’ve attended 4 parties arranged by USRS in all my time here and this one was by far the best. Yes the DJ only played trance and elctrohouse and dubstep, and that’s because he was given strict instructions to play only that. People, “Fevicol” and “Babydoll” are ok for mehndis, dholkies or hostel parties but pahleez, they are NOT suited for dance parties.

    Oh and btw, the DJ was really praising the crowd when he left. He said he performed after 3 months and was really glad he played at TIP.


  5. I think enough has been said in our defense on the article above, so I wouldn’t add more.
    And as for the genuine issues that were there in the event, we’ll make sure they are not repeated in our future events.
    Criticism is what we learn from, so just keep on criticizing what we do! 😉

  6. I object to the use of the word “pinkies” and the right and left butt cheeks..
    please ^censor^ it.

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