Fu-?? run for you life!!!

When one thinks about this blank “Fu-”, there are many things which can come to ones mind, but according to the present developing scenario, it will not take a second for one to go for the word “Fundamentalist” to induce a full depth in a not so very positive sentence like this. Frequently substituted by the words, “Extremist” or “Terrorist”, the Muslims, throughout the world, have been attached with this word since 9/11. This word is not only used by the Americans or the British but the Muslims have also reported that they get the creeps when this word is used. The question is, how can a fundamentalist, especially when he is a Muslim, be a terrorist?

Now let’s first analyze what the word ‘Fundamentalist’ literally means. It’s very simple. According to the Oxford dictionary, fundamentalism is the strict following of the basic teachings of any religion. I think we are playing with words. A single word when interpreted negatively can make a very bad impact. The Muslims are already facing the music.

Lets think this over logically. For a mathematician to be good at what he does, he needs to follow all the fundamentals of maths religiously, otherwise he/she cannot succeed. For a doctor, to be a good one, he/she needs to follow the fundamentals of medicine religiously. Similarly for a Muslim to be a good one, it is important that he/she follow all the fundamentals of Islam. You just cannot say no no!

“I am not a fundamentalist!”; maybe this would relax the other person, but in fact, when one says that a Muslim fundamentalist is actually a terrorist, it would mean that by following Islam properly, one becomes a terrorist; or in other words, that Islam preaches violence. I am not a scholar but I can confidently challenge anyone that there is not a single fundamental teaching in Islam that promotes terrorism or is against humanity. You are not even allowed to cut down trees, or even touch innocent people during a war. How can then a person who blows himself with a bomb and kills innocent people be a Muslim fundamentalist. When you say that a fundamentalist is a terrorist, every person who has a beard, who goes to the mosque and lives a life of a true Muslim becomes terrorist in front of people from other faiths. Sometimes even in front of so-called Muslims like us. They end up getting persecuted or the lucky ones go to an 8/8 cell in the beautiful sunny resort at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

I think perhaps we are calloused. We read, we watch, we hear about the atrocities. We know what a man’s inhumanity towards another consists of, we know all that, but we don’t sufficiently register it. We don’t have the capacity to take in and react in the way we should, as human beings.

Sarim Mehmood

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  1. Very nicely written..

    the key factor is ‘EDUCATION’, we are basically emotional people and we need both(religious and non-religious) education to control our emotions and start thinking like a normal person…unfortunately, all of these Islamic extremist are un-educated(they have no basic education)…infact the religious education they have got is wrong!

  2. exactly…in my point of view, insted of goin for our own Philosophies we should go for whats written in our holy scriptures if we really want to fit into the defination of a true muslim rather then living a life of a label muslim…

  3. Gud work Sarim! This is the issue which shud b discussed more often among youngsters lyk us. I m confident tht aftr readin ths article ppl wont b afraid to call thmselves Fundamentalists!!!
    JANGOO!! U simply Rock 🙂

  4. OK. Then what is your reaction apropos apostates? All sects of Islam (to my best knowledge) decree that they be killed. Could you imagin that writers are stonned to death in 21st century for hurting Muslims’ sentiments?

  5. look….its again the perception of the mullasz….notISLAM n its fundamentals. In this situation ISLAM commands to do DAWAH( tagleeg or proclamation of islam )n by no means supports killing…. I will like to qoute a hadith here
    ” a Muslim is one from whos tongue n hands other muslims r safe “

  6. And the best way to do dawah is
    ” Invite all in the way of your lord ,with wisdom and beautifull preaching, and argue with them in the which r the most best and the most mercifull”
    no where its written to stone people to death.the problem is that we dont read…n then we blame the mullaz for spreadin the wrong messege..we people find it boring to talk about our religous values…

  7. Where do you live Sarim, in US or Britain? Maulvis across the board condemned Salman Rushdie and that Danish cartoonist to death. Didn’t they? Starting from Imam Khomeini to Mufti Rafi Osmani, they chanted “Marg bar Salman Rushdie”. I am no Maulvi and therefore unable to cite relevant Quranic verses that condemn apostates to death. And it does not make any difference if the version of Islam
    you are talking about does not approve of such acts. In any religion, clergymen represent the faith. Sorry to say, in this case they only reinforce one’s belief that Muslims are more prone to use of violence.

  8. These killings are done in the name of ‘JIHAAD’….and jihaad are of many types…’JIHAD’ does not literally means fighting with a gun and start killing non-muslims….in this era jihad should be done by words and media…you need not to lift the gun every time..this era has its own ways and Islam had mentioned this in the Holy Quran and has divided jihad into many types…!

    the people like Salman Rushdie and that Danish cartoonist deserves to be killed….Sarim is talking about the general image of Islam…..irrespective of some excpetional cases, Islam does not promotes violence or killing…

  9. Good, good. You decided on your own — they deserve to be killed. L’etat, C’est Moi — I am the state. Who are you? A public prosecutor? The police? A law-enforcing agency? A judge? What? Who gave you the right to issue death warrants on your own?

  10. who gave me the permission?
    Quran and sharia gave me the permission…..I am no to decide this thing.

    Moreover, attacking anyone’s religion and faith….be it christian, Hindu or a Muslim is a totally condemnable thing…and not just attacking, tearing blashpemy laws!…

  11. Did he kill anyone? No. He wrote a book (so can you in response!) and you can’t go on killing people because your religion demands so. Were others’ religious sentiments not hurt when Taliban destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan. As long as I remeber, nearly all Muslims rejoiced at it. Did you send any letter to a newspaper editor to protest at it?
    You say, Quran demands that blasphemers be killed. I agree with you. It actually does!

  12. Ofcourse..others sentiments will also be hurted….again extremism in any thing is a condemnable thing..!

    we need to tolerate each other!

  13. Actually I do remember an Article in Dawn in which they were lamenting how a Buddhist Heritage Site had been lost.
    An interesting suggestion write a book in response. Well as far as I know, Iran has in fact tried to get it’s message across, but lets just say MTV is more popular! 🙂

  14. Kazim, had islam decreed blasphemers be killed, the muslims would have eliminated the entire population of non muslims in makkah after conquering it, for persecuting muslims and blasphemising islam at some point or the other. they didnt. and the Prophet never condoned the murder (yes, i can use the term) of anybody, including abu jehel and abu lehb, and who else had insulted the Prophet and Islam more?

    you may remember the many cases of child molestation by catholic priests in the US and Brtain. by your argument they represent the Catholic faith. does that mean christianity condones child abuse? or for that matter, the many thousands of women killed in the United States and Britain for practising witchcraft in the 17th and 18th century by the hands of the puritannical protestants. Sucked to be an independent, empowered woman in those times.

    to take the matter further, read up on the Spanish Inquisition, the reign of Queen Mary of England, the behavior of the Crusaders in contrast to Slahuddin Ayubi and you will conclude that Christians are bloodthirsty monsters. and you will be WRONG.

    let’s turn to Judaism.How about the Talmudic law that if a kafir (or gentile, in their terminolgy) be dying in front of a jewish doctor, the doctor must not save him? or if a Jewish man rapes a gentile girl the girl should be put to death? those are not the laws propogated by the Jewish god, but “fatwas” given by a Jewish doctor/priest Mehmunides. but those fatwas have now turned into jewish law.(read Israel Shahak’s book titled “judaism”

    you claim to not be a scholar. i agree with you. read up on Islam. and THEN read up on other religions and their history to gain perspective.

  15. muslims are as prone to violence as people of any other religion. trouble is, we make more noise and advertise the fact. i would say the actual crime we muslims are guilty of is stupidity.

  16. I have no qualms in confessing to my ignorance. Maybe five years down the road I would have a different set of beliefs. For now, I think — in fact, I religiously believe — that every major religion of the world has equal share in the mess we see around. [And both Islam and Muslims are no exception.]

  17. Kazim, it’s funny you talk of the maulvis, when a quarter of their local, utterly superstitious and corrupt population remains guilty of enjoying heinous acts of child molestation. They sure damn don’t represent the religion, no one person, or group of people can. Islam, for one, is a religion that holds no place for Priests, Rabbis, Pundits, or maulvis! Scholars, yes. But we all know we don’t have many of those. And that, anyone can become with the requisite reading, research, neutrality, lack of ego and tolerance.

    I refuse to hold a maulvi the representative of Islam who issues a decree saying that a woman ‘raped’ by her father-in-law cannot live with her husband anymore, because the wedlock gets dissolved.

  18. dude kazim… get a copy of an english translation of the holy Quran n read….i am not concerned with what the mullaz r doin…i condmn it my self….and in rushdii’s case..the muslims had to condemn it…although the way they condemnned was wrong…focus on what Islam says…we muslims r not even confident of our religious teachings ourselves…what should we do then…? become an apostate?

  19. check this website n get a glimpse of all the people who r suffering just becoz they were muslms

  20. and kazim …i know molviss better then u…a few years back…i used to werar a black turban and used to say that even wearing western cloaths was haram…i am spent a lot of time with them dude! the mullaz used to even say that readin the holy quran in english translation is haram..acoording to them when a muslim reads the holy quran without the help of a molvi he goes astray…i got the real picture when i started readin the translation my self…STILL U THINK the mulllaz reprent islam???

  21. umm as for rushdie and that whats-her-face bengali woman; why give them so much importance? by condemning their books we’re actually encouraging people to read them and give them credit. Islam or any religion should be above such lame attempts at recognition (or in their case, notoriety)

    as for the danish cartoonist…hel-lo? people, he’s a CARTOONIST. nothing is sacred to a cartoonist. and nothing should be. you should see the way Jesus, Moses and Buddha are treated by them. the only reason the Parsi and Jain Gods and Prophets are safe is because their followers don’t go around bombing public restrooms.if you screw up your religion yourself, expect other people to as well.

    and i’m sorry for these long comments. i just wish people here were more objective.

  22. i agree with u Hira. but the problem is that its not the followers of Islam( fundamentalists) who are blowing up the public restrooms…its a misconception….n thats why the muslims dont deserve to be treated like this..most of us dont even know whats goin on in the U.S prison camps at guantanamo bay, cuba n afghanistan…its all becoz of our IGNORANCE!!

  23. yeah, well…if i disguise myself as a transylvanian drag queen n blow up a restroom the blame WILL fall on the transylvanian drag queens. thats life, fair or not.

  24. but life will be different if we get rid of these fake transylvaniam drag queens…i wish we could…

  25. Well i thnk tht terrorists MULLAH n Fundamentalists hav a HELL ov a difference.We actually cant compare them.A Fundamentalist is basically representing the relegion in much better n CLEAR way.

  26. Actually the basic problem is tht we don have the ability to differentiate b/w rite n wrong, n if at all we do ,then don hav the gutts to admit the fact. Sometimz thngs r not the way they seem. So considerable time n “SOCH” is required to clear thngz out.. Do some research n n then u ll conclude tht fundamentalists r not spoiling the basicz ov ISLAM , infact they r making its root STRONGER n forcin ppl to think in a positive way abt their relegion AS ISLAM is a relegion ov PEACE.

  27. Well, lastly I’d say that English is their language, not ours! They are supposed to give meanings and connotations to terms coined in new contexts. For instance, the Guardian Style Guide differentiates Islamic from Islamist! Consider:

    Islamist: an advocate or supporter of Islamic fundamentalism; the likes of Osama bin Laden and his followers should be described as Islamist terrorists rather than Islamic terrorists.

    Similarly, GSG uses the word in question not only for Muslims but also for Christians. See:
    Evangelical: fundamentalist wing of Christianity.

    Now tell me if Osama bin Laden, Molla Omar and Aiman al-Zawahiri are not fundamentalists.

  28. wow…great! …if they start using the term “MUSLIM” as a terrorist, in the light of the NEW CONTEXT ,what will u do…accept it???
    and i am not focusing on THEM( farangi ) here .we muslims can ourselves decide which terms we can accept.

  29. //we muslims can ourselves decide which terms we can accept.//

    Like that matters to the world with the huge amount of unity u guys wield altogether. Not even within one sect, say Sunnis, or even a sub-sect within them, say deobandis/tableeghis, or even a sub-sub-group within their group! LoL

    …none of you guys (Muslims, altogether), or people from different sects, or their sub-sects, or their sub-sub sects(and so on) can agree upon one thing, not even the basics from the Koran. Decide what you guys want, dude, focus on youselves first, and straighten out the mess you all have created, before picking issues with the rest of the world on which you have very little power.

    Stop using the world, Muslims; as if it’s one unified clan. Or the word ‘Ummah’. Face it. It doesn’t exist.

    Think about what I said, before words such as ‘Kill this B*stard’ comes to your minds. Now bye. Forever.

  30. I agree with the point that there are differences between the different sects of Islam, but the good thing is that we’re here to discuss them and bring an end to misunderstandings.
    If the purpose is instigate animosity than I these posts should be closed. Pipebag if that is your real name, why are you acting like you’re above these petty issues?
    “straighten out the mess you all have created”
    Yes this is a mess we all have created, but we can all get out of this funk just as easily. I’ve realized that most problems occur when people are ignorant of customs and take it that they are a part of someone’s religion.
    Do you think the Muslims in Africa pray exactly like they do in Pakistan? Do they read the Koran in exactly the same accent? Did Bilal-e-Habashi give aazan the way the other Sahaba did?
    The simple answer to all this messy situation is Tolerance. For other ‘Fellow’ Muslims and ‘Fellow’ man, be he a Christian, Hindu or Jew. Tolerance is all that is asked of a TRUE Muslim.

  31. “Decide what you guys want, dude, focus on youselves first, and straighten out the mess you all have created”
    Sir pipbag thats what we are doing here.we are trying to get rid of the mess we have created.And we are focusing on ourselves dude!!!

  32. good one Sarim…… u’ve touched a very controversial issue…………..and i won’t say much on it bcoz i think we should not discuss these religious issues unless and until we’ve got the full knowledge about it………..for which it is very necessary that we all read the translation of the Quran first…………keep up the good work sarim!!such issues must be touched upen to stir the young generation specially…………

  33. Very well done Saarim…
    Well basically the main issue is of the education…. those Muslims are actually non educated… (religious and non religious studies)and they can easily be brain washed. Moreover, not only they r uneducated but they r also frustrated ppl who haven’t achieved anything in their entire life and have no self confidence in them and that is y we cant expect frm them that they’ll do something gud for Islam…

    Gud woork saarim… keep it up

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