Hostellites ke liye English mei bhi suffer aur Urdu may bhi ﺴﻓﺭ

I wonder why the hostellites are made to suffer in the hostel despite their initial ﺴﻓﺭ of over 900kms from their home cities to come and study at TIP. There are so many issues, all of which will continue to remain until someone takes mercy on us, and solve our problems.

The first problem which we face daily is the transport facility. TIP has provided us a Suzuki van, Which is not available to us even in case of an emergency. There have been many cases when we badly needed to use the van but due to official work, it couldn’t facilitate us. When we have some work to do in city, we are forced to travel by the Thatta Bus Service. Due to overloading, we have to sit on the top of the bus which is terrible! Please try and experience! To add to our misery, there is no stop near the TIP gates. They dump us at GHAGHAR PATHAK which is quite a distance from TIP and we have to ﺴﻓﺭ on foot to come back to the hostel.

Secondly, there is no stationery shop in the hostel. During our exams, even ball point pens and sheets are not available for our preparation. We can’t find any general store near TIP where we can buy soap and washing powder to do our laundry, and the concerned authorities tell us that the hostel van is not available for this purpose.

Then comes the issue of a polluted environment. As we all know that the Fauji Fertilizer Factory is situated next to TIP. It gives off smoke and toxic gases from its fertilizer processing, the smell of which is impossible to bear at times. Do you have any idea how much it is affecting our health?

Moving on, did you know that the water that we get has oil in it? This is because the tankers that are used to carry water for us are also used to carry oil for petrol filling stations. We use this dirty, oily water to perform ablution and washing. To make matters even hazardous, even the water filters don’t filter this water properly, hence, we have no other choice but to drink this oil mixed water.

Another crucial point is unavailability of a medical officer and medicines within or even near the hostel! Therefore, many students end up suffering from all kinds of strange ailments and diseases. One of TIP’s student was suffering from high fever during last semester’s 2nd hourly exams. His tests were badly affected. He was treated in a local Hadeed hospital where they gave him high potency medicines that had him bleeding from his nose! Due to hourlies, nobody could take proper care of him, and due to unsatisfactory treatment he had to go back to Punjab for a few days. When he returned, it had become impossible for him to cover the course. He could not pass the semester. I am really disheartened because he was my best friend and I cared about him a lot. He was very sensitive like me. He got flustered about that failure of his life. Who is responsible for him?

We are all are very confused about the standard of life at TIP’s hostels, and we pray To God Almighty to save us from this tragedy. We are helpless, really, and only Allah Almighty can protect us with his unpredictable blessings.

We should really contemplate upon these stories to get practical wisdom for the true appreciation of the meaning of life. I will request every hostelite to protect your fellows, help them and save them when in danger, mainly since no one is inclined to facilitate us.

Another major problem is the Food. Karachiites, please compare the food available at the cafeteria with the food which is cooked in your homes. Is it not the management’s responsibility to provide us with clean, healthy and quality food? We are willing to have you charge us as much money as you demand, but all we ask is that you don’t play with our health. They don’t give us lunch on Saturdays and Sundays just because feeding 40 hostellites is not profitable enough for them. We really feel home sick! This semester we’ve been here since three and a half months.

There is no mosque in TIP which is the only proper place for prayers. But this is not a big problem. If TIP doesn’t have the funds for a mosque, we hostellites are very bounteous in this matter and we are ready to pay for the construction. It’s a great benediction of God almighty that that everyone is ready to pay for mosque. Our Parents are keenly interested in supporting us in this matter as well.

Just when you thought our problems had ended, let me tell you that they have not. These are just a few really ones. TIP has vast jungle in which there are many wild animals. Have you seen that jungle? It is right behind the hostel. No one is interested in cleaning that area! We are immensely scared of snakes which come from the pipes in the washrooms. They can even enter our rooms. That too, easily. And there is no first-aid facility if any poisonous creature bites a student. This is the place where we live!

But I have hope, and I have heard that history always repeats itself, and that the good things will come back to us again if we believe and are patient. I personally believe that fate goes on changing its verdicts. I believe that the management will think about our problems very sincerely, and solve them; INSHALLAH!

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  1. honey, we’ve complained n complained and complained…there really is no point. try to make the best of it. and if you need anything, you can always ask your city friends to bring them for you.

  2. Though you have addressed some key issues, there are certain points which can be clarified.

    Fauji Fertilizer is not situated next to TIP. Yes the residents occasionally do suffer from the smell of Ammonia but there are no recorded ailments or health cases due to pollution from the plant.

    There have been cases in the past where some diesel carrying tankers have carried water to campus. I can’t recall such an occurrence anytime over the past one and a half year that I had stayed. Can’t say if it’s happened this semester but every time it previously used to happen one would easily be able to detect the distinct smell of diesel in water and take appropriate action.

    Regarding the food. Ask your cafeteria committee why you people aren’t served lunch on holidays.

  3. Adnan make it as a complaint letter and send it to the management in written and if management cant take any action then forward this complaint letter to the president and ask him to take some action.
    I agree with your point that “We should really contemplate upon these stories to get practical wisdom for the true appreciation of the meaning of life. ”
    So, Good luck dude!

  4. i just read the prob. oef hostllites and i feel it is very shameful 4 the management should b compensat very soon…………

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