Mein Tumhara Senior Houn!

“Dekho, hum tumhaare seniors hain, humari izzat kurna seekho…” doesn�t that sound familiar? I�m sure it does. Ever since you joined the community at TIP, whether it was this semester or ages ago, I’m positive you must have heard something similar at least once, told as a bit of advice.

So what exactly is this junior-senior relationship at TIP that seems to demand so much respect? Why is it that if you’ll disagree to what someone says, and lo behold if it were a senior you were talking to, you�ll be told that you should learn to respect your seniors??

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t respect something that is earned, rather than demanded? Why is it that so many of us want our freshmen and juniors to respect us only because we are at a slightly higher level in the education system than them?

I’m not saying that there shouldn�t be a relationship of respect between every person, especially juniors and seniors, but I don�t really think that seniority should be the basis of such respect. I mean, come on, I’d rather be in fourth year and be respected for the person I am and the relationship I have with every individual, rather than be shown respect by juniors (whatever that means) only because I�m senior to them.

When you move ahead in life, and you meet these same seniors, would you still be giving them respect because they were your seniors, or because you genuinely liked them and respected them for their personality?

Wouldn’t you rather be respected for who you are, instead of just being a senior? Think about it.

Author: Mahwish Uzma Khan

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  1. Well … i m a freshman here at tip and recently got the special welcome that u all tipians give to us … well guys this is my first comment ever in here but hopefully will not be the last … so i just got to say its nice that some people still think about things like this too … and i perhaps agree that u should be respected by the person who u are and not just on the seniority basis … way to go !

  2. hi all respested seniors i m also a freshmen n i m 2 convinced with mahwish’s idea. i want to say a thing that i was amazed after seeing sir hashim that he said ke either u give me respect or not but learn but seniors want respect at any cause huh.

  3. I’m a freshman in TIP n i agree with Uzma’s Idea cuz Respect plays a vital role in such type of institute like TIP where we have envoirment like family where everybody know each other by name by face n by his/her behavior.
    So esteem is a Blessing of ALLAH you does’nt get it by shortcut.You have to do work for it…………

  4. hi all, being a freshman, i agree with her… she’s rite abt the respect thing.The way these senoirs have been treating us, it wud b really hard (atleast for me) to start respecting these guys.. or even think abt hangin out n havin a chit chat with them, other than a few xceptions none of the senoirs have caught my eye.And the family like atmosphere is nowhere to b found at TIP (for the time being). IF this sort of behaviour continues, then it wud b difficult for the FRESHMEN to coordinate with the seniors.

  5. Well Well.. is there someone in TIP who thinks like this tooo? like i am pretty much surprized as being a freshman i was expectin a pretty kool behavior the first day but as long as i have visited the univ all the seniors were like so much.. Pathetic is the best suitable word for that.. every where the same old Sentence.. You heard the Senior!.. If a Senior says you have to do it! well I am not the part of TIP as i have left the university now but the First week was the terrible week of my life!! but no hard feelings palz

  6. Glad that you voiced your opinion about the seniority complex most people gett lured into, which in turn, makes them go *wacko*. I remember us all being disgusted with this obnoxious attitude too; what i can’t figure out is how the very same people that loathed being bullied have made it to the bullies list of TIP. I obviously totaly agree with you: you can’t demand respect, it’s something you give and take, so there.

  7. Wassuppp everyone? Specially all my dear freshmen? U know what? I also wanted to write such an article when I was new at TIP. It’s all about two years back down the lane when Sabah, Urooj and Bilal Merchant ragged me so badly :(. I was like, ” Are the seniors allowed to do anything with freshmen?” But afterwards, I started understanding that it was juz for the sake of fun. We had a great time with all the seniors specially with Kashif Jameel Abbasi. HAIN NA KASHIF BHAI :>? I still miss every single moment I spent in TIP along with my seniors. All my dear freshmen! You need to respect all the seniors at any cost. It happened with me and my batchmates, It happened with my seniors when they were new at TIP. So be prepared, there is a lot more to come 🙂 yeah an advice, Don take it seriously, take it as a part of fun. I bet, you’ll miss it afterwards.

  8. to add something to the senior junior relationship..I work in Alabid..before that i was in Sapphire, Lahore which i left and came to my home town Karachi. Guess who paved the way at my current workplace . A senior, Raheel Shafiq Malick, who used to ragg the hell outa me and my fellow gal students of my group (I hated him then). Out of a blue i called him after three yrs saying that i am wanna come back to karachi and i seek his help for a job. He said,”Abay mama pareshan kiyon hota hai HUM HAIN NA..buss tu aja”.I am working in a wonderful organization thanks to him.
    so when they ragg you..they dont mean to really create an ill feeling..sab sahi ho jayega theek ek saal baad 🙂

  9. assalam–a-allikum

    all the points in your article are right from yours point of view but the matter of fact is that u have to respect the senior if u like it or not. u can give respect to them by even greeting them with salam. look it’s part of our training. you’ll know when u will go in the industry. u like your senior or not u have to give them respect. maybe they deserve maybe this is just what u have to do. and to give respect to a particular person doesnt make u small.

  10. salams,give respect and earn respect that is the simple rule.but if u giving someone respect that would be his or her looserpun that he or she take it as if we are all afraid,the people who i give respect i am sure they also do respect me as a good human being.

  11. hmmm… yeah afterall ragging helps you get to know everyone around you and make you feel a little comfortable too…but you see…everything has to be in limits..
    you just cannot expect everyone to behave in the same way… I mean..some people are gonna enjoy it while the others would…as they say ‘retaliate’!
    so the end point is you just cannot expect to get the same RESPECT from every single freshman…
    some find absolute profanity in it while the others go wit’ the flow!
    just depends on what environment do you actually belong to… and if you dont belong to a similar one like this..well then..get ACCUSTOMED!

  12. yes uzma u r quite right we should not force anyone to respect us its a give and take phenonmenon .But one more thing i want to mentioon over here is that we people i mean we the seniors use to say that whatever we r doing is just because to create friendly atmosphere between ourselfs and juniors well i think ragging is not the right way to make them friendly with us instead of this we should organize some more events like the one we did

  13. Mehwish….it’s like don’t u guys have any thing else to do than discuss senior junior problems….i guess not!!! It’s the same way when we were here it’ll be the same when others come so don’t need to shout.

    Kahir!!…How many times will i have to say this that Kashif dude when are you’re gonna stop status comments which never includes you. We know how u use to tagg along with every other gal in college and then coz of her you had fights with your seniors….

    Every fight any one had with their senior in the end involved you…now why is that……

    Yaar grow up…waisee how come u get so much time to come on this site soo often.

  14. Texpert in Reading:
    Its all about the time management. What you cant do, I am perfect at it. So i can find a lot of portion out for my recreational activities. Specially to give some time to the institute that has taught me ALOT.

    regarding me, involving in every fight with my seniors..always be a touch above in what ever you do no matter you win or LOSE !!!

    regarding me tagging with every gal..Son..makes me feel gud you remember the history . shows that you have the quality to learn from your past mistakes and excell in future.

    You must be doing gud like every texpert out there in professional life.
    wishing you best of luck and regards.

  15. dudhpati, Thanks.. hope to bump in often in the rumble in the jungle 🙂 Its a small world of textiles and we will be meeting each other very often.

  16. THat the same in Forces. Fresh commers are forced to obey their seniors, but thats a different case. But wat about TIP, is this a training institute or what. obey ur seniors and then ragging…. >>> ek kam karlo ragging ya Izzat Ek to ragging bhi karte Ho or phir izzat ki baat bhi !!!! a really difficult task..Ideal way is to strongthen realtionship BUT no by ragging and other horrible Stuffs..Thers should be end of this but certainly there is no End of this,, I ask WHY ???

  17. Dear Kashif,

    That’s pretty cool if you can manage your time but instead of stressing about some thing which doesn’t involve is a waste of time. Now how many times these topic never ivolved you and in the end we see some idiotic comments from your side.

    Even most of the texpert who use to write comments on this site have now restrain from doing so or only write when they are needed too.

    The point of writing all of that is just put your mind or your self where it’s needed don’t jumble in everything that not even concerns you. We can remember a lot of those incidents where because of ppl such as your self included in and simply messed every thing up.

    If you really have time, which i think you do, than give some of it in thinking about this.

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