Mind and the world

“Why is it that we and the universe exist? If we find the answer to that, it would be the ultimate triumph of human reason for then we’d know the mind of God” -Stephan Hawking

I am definitely not going to postulate the theory of every thing nor do I am going to describe a part of Homosapien mind. However, what I am interested in is a quest how we can uncover some basic truths of life and unify them for the greater satisfaction of mind and soul.

How do we really know anything? The most astonishing device in this journey of self-discovery is undoubtedly human mind. The evolution of human mind from Adam to the present is the progress we’ve achieved. For better or worse we can say that in simplicity lays a complexity so we can understand whatever in our minds and around us may be by taking thought shower right now.

This is surely a lifelong learning process through which we can come to conclusion. Imagine coming to TIP daily and having no idea what to do is surely a shame for a creature like human who claims high about his wisdom. What do you think of living on earth without knowing what to do and why? So we should have a life long objective to achieve the desired goal. You will argue that it is not possible that every one can adopt this difficult process but you know in history most of people are followers like me so every one will be asked according to the knowledge they have given. But one thing is sure that every person on earth has the ability to do so because God (if you are in no doubt) is not unjust with His creatures. While doing this, one must relieve himself or herself of all constraints and prejudices.

The world is so immense and huge that one can sit and wonder. But that’s not the purpose we are here for. As I look carefully and sincerely conclude that I was nothing some time ago? And believe me I didn’t make my body not a single part. So my excitement increases and I found that there is no chance of a ‘chance’. The`big bang`theory clearly indicates that there was certainly a beginning of this universe from nothing (i.e. zero time and density) One can easily see that we can’t control this world. The harmony and beauty lays in the universe says loudly that there is some one who is controlling this universe with unmatched sagacity and wisdom.

Basic question of our curiosity is whether there is a God or not thus our purpose of life is to find the answer through our quest, zeal and spirit of inquiry. Moreover if we find yes then all other questions are baseless. If not then we are free (think about freedom, the most amazing inspiration of our century, today’s statue, Statue of Liberty) but I am afraid we don’t as we have got no reason to deny.

“The anthropology has concluded that the first society on earth was a priest society.”

The Qur’an is a final version of the same book with the same author given to the first society on earth to radiant the human mind in Divine light. Although now He doesn’t own the books He sent before. Islam is a religion of knowledge. In the Qur’an we have given a challenge that `find only one error in its contents` whether it’s about sciences, philosophy, cosmology, biology or metaphysics or make a single verse like it. It’s a dialectic process to reach from `there is no God to but one` So believe in one God is not dogmatic it is simply rational like air we can’t see but we recognize its every color when cool, hot, breeze… we feel its presence and color so it does not matter if we can’t see Him we can feel Him and love Him. However one should read the Qur’an first before commenting unlike Bartend Russell who did professional dishonesty and without studying it said “all gospel truth is alike.”

On the other hand if I am a creation and my creator is omnipotent then I’ve to obey the instructions He has given to me. If I misuse myself and my abilities it’ll only spoil me. It will not affect the creator anyhow so that’s why we ask a right path from him who has created all this. The Qur’an is that book which gives us instructions how to use our mind and body in best possible and efficient way. It enriches our mind. It wants from us a society in which development of the whole man in complete integration with himself, with society and with nature. This integration is based on the belief in a single creator who is the unity of all existence. It demands the cultivating habits of observation, thinking and research to create our own worlds of ideas and wisdom.

Unfortunately the problems we are facing today as a Muslims and human beings as a whole is beautifully summarized by a renowned intellectual (professor Ahmad Rafique Aktar) as `confusion of priorities`. We are doing what we are not supposed to do. ‘We give lesser importance to important things and more importance to lesser things ` so by keeping the balance and string of knowledge in our hands and by sincere efforts the world around us will be more exciting.

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