My Views on Ragging

By Waqas Bin Azhar, TMM 2

Ragging is a very old university culture, and it is still swinging with high pace. Most of us have very strange concepts about ragging that it is the interaction among the freshmen with the seniors. This so-called culture is sometimes a lot of fun, but when it goes in extreme, it turns into a HEART-QUAKE for the juniors. As for me, I am as much against ragging, as much as I am for it. Whatever the case, it should not be of a very high magnitude. So please, please, please, don’t rag the juniors in a harsh way!

We all got very scared when the sun of university rose for the very first time for us. We tried to drift here and there in pursuit of safety, which was anywhere away from our seniors.

So what exactly do we harass (rag) our juniors for? Just to carry on this culture? yeah! You can carry this on, as I mentioned earlier, if it is for the enjoyment of both, the juniors and the seniors. Then it wont be as bad a culture! But we do it for just the enjoyment, do we? We do this for the sake of revenge!

So please, for the sake of humanity, stop this ugly tradition of harming the freshmen; physically and psychologically! And what I think about the official action of our university regarding is to prevent cacophony among the freshmen and seniors.

Enough is enough. Just stop it. Once and for all!

The way of meeting
The way of chatting,

The way of fun, or
The way of stunning

The way of Interacting, or
The way of Disturbing

Some call it: Entertaining
Some call it: The way of Harming

Thou can call what thou want,
But we call it: Ragging

3 Replies to “My Views on Ragging”

  1. I totally agree with you Waqas on this, its good to see that people are now realizing that RAGGING is not a good way to socialize…..i am hopefull that this tradition of RAGGING will end in the upcoming years and TIP will be considered as a place where newcomers are motivated and welcomed(not ragged) by their seniors…!

  2. ummm….well im also a fresh man… n ya i was ragged… n seriously i enjoyed it… even in point ” cheera bhi laga tha mera”… n i also enjoYed thaT…. well wat i think is thaT ragging should be allowed… but under certain limits…

    n it is da waY of sociallizing !!!

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