No Option, but to reset!

The writer of the following article is not from TIP. It’s written by my cousin, Farah Khan, and I found her views very strong and interesting, hence felt the need to share them with you.

Pakistan is a country ‘under- construction’ where there are still ‘Men at work’. But if one has a close look at the problems in which our country is in, it would be more appropriate to say that its a country ‘under- DESTRUCTION’, where again there are ‘Men at work’ – (mind you, this time I’m talking about most of the people who make promises to serve their country till their last breath!!) and the country cries out “Why me?”

When Pakistan started its life as a land of Disciplined, Faithful and United citizens., when it had brilliant leaders like Quaid-e-Azam, when there was the reign of God Almighty and the constitution of The Holy Quran, then why did we come to this state of affairs? Actually “Well begun is half done” and this seems exactly to be the case of our country – It was ‘Well begun’ and it really is ‘Half done’ and it seems , sadly though, that it will always remain that way – half way through!. The fact is that Pakistani nation proceeds as a reversible reaction – going forwards and backwards at exactly the same rate. If a new plaza is built at one place, another is destroyed by suicide bombers. If ten student leave professional colleges to serve people, a hundred are murdered by the unknown. What have the Pakis brought upon themselves? Honestly nobody is to blame but us. Yes, we the very bearers of the green flag and the singer of ‘Yeh Watan HAMARA hai’ are responsible for all this.

Currently we are in a situation where we ourselves are not sure about a thing. We have no idea where we stand; neither do we know where we are headed. We are just walking with the crowd, doing everything and anything the others provoke us to. Is this how an INDEPENDANT nation progresses? Is this what Iqbal dreamt of??Everyone has something to say about this country, but one of my friend thinks its an excellent suggestion for Pakistan,

“Just wipe it off the map and start over again”

Any volunteers to hit the reset button?

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  1. Sometimes I also come up with the same view, mostly when I am frustrated and worried about Pakistan..but this thought cannot be practically implemented…you cannot just start off again…I know it seems almost impossible but we should be optimistic in our views and should kept struggling for the country…

  2. well i wouldnt say its impossible. in my opinion its plausible but, why taking so much trouble just to start the whole process again.right, i surmise the problem is with the people of karachi as she said which i admire,there was a constitution of holy quran among people knowledge , and by following the contitution people use to do things right but, ha ha its 2007 NOW even if some one dies NO BUDDY CARE FOR THT FOR PEOPLE THIS WORLD IS A LEISURELY EXCURSION IN TERMS OF FINDING A PLACE WHERE THEY COULD GAIN BENEFIT NOT TO IMPLICATE THEM SELF IN SOME SORT OF HASTLE SO,what makes any one think people care about their own country.its like they have adopt this attitude which is a source of compulsion for them to DISQUISE AS AN
    “ANARCHIST” as said by some intelligent person

  3. I do agree with ur cousin farah, this is reality in pakistan, but v hav to change the way we think and grasp things in our society, becoz if v dont then things will go from bad to worse in pakistan. We should realize that v all can make a difference and that pakistan can become a place worth to live in. We as the youth of our country should keep our energy levels boasted up so as to fulfill the dreams of our previous generation.

  4. Pakistan is 60 years old, that means that uptil now only two generations have had the reigns of the country in their hands. it’s tragic but after the very first generation of Pakistan, our people have not been as loyal, and self sacrificing as a developing country requires. maybe it’s time for introspection. what has the previous generation done wrong, and how can we improve it? how can we change ourselves and what measures should we take to change the country?
    but first we have to decide where we want to see Pakistan let say, twenty years from now. As Pakistanis, we havnt even figured that out yet.

  5. The fact is very few people care about their country.Most of the youngsters just wants to escape from Pakistan and wants to make their future in Europe or America.Political disabiltiy and increasing extremism in the country is taking Pakistan to its most critical situation and we cannot predict that Pakistan will survive in the recent years or not..!

  6. LOL! if it survived 60 years, its more than capable of surviving 60 more. Countries don’t just disintegrate, or disappear off the face of the earth. I find it so silly when people say that Pakistan is a failed state…jaese taese bhi it’s working out, isn’t it? Who are they to pass or fail a country?

  7. well I havent said that Pakistan is a failed state…I said that it is facing its most critical situation…as far as for the past 60 years…the poltical conditions of the country were more stable than today..!

    The 60 years which Pakistan have survived were past…and the 60 years which are coming is future…with totally different political’s ridiculous to say that “jaese taese bhi it’s working out, isn’t it?”….its not just dragging things..its all about how well you can manage!

    moreover countries do dissapear and dis-integarte if they are ruled by the leaders like what we have faced last 60 years..we have to think in advance…it is nice to be optimistic but at the end of the day you have to realize the correct situation…

  8. well after reading hira and rameez comments, i say that both of you are right in your place. jaese taese bhi pakistan chal raha hai but, try this just because of this jaese tase pakistan has been able to categorized itself in track of one of the fastest developing countries in the world. on the other hand,pakistan is struggling in bringing advancement in the country,reducing corruption and to build partially an ethical environment in the country. Therefore yes pakistan does have the capability to survive 60 years more but, the prediction for the future that where pakistan will be in 60 year goes in two ways either it may get more advance or it may go in the same speed as it is going now in terms of bringing advancement or gaining prosperity.
    in addition, i like to highlight one line in the above article which i found it preposterous anticipation or advice that Pakistan should disintegrate from the map and may start all over again though people aren’t interested in making Pakistan a thriving country since, they only care for their own if we could some how change our perspective then may be there could be a possibility for pakistan to survive. its an old saying even one man could make a different but, then again how will become a initiative .
    to sum it all, we all have a responsibility to fulfill for our country in order to make this country viable in future and that could be done if we all work united and should stop waiting for other people to take the initiative which will result in a prosperous country set up by some dedicated people them self.

    one more thing which i want to correct in rameez statement is that not all of us run from our responsibility some of them do have the passion and courage to face all the trouble, hassle and conundrum in order to change the govern rules that thwart the country to achieve its goals but, i believe there is no door left for them in this country to knock for order words, i must say some of them are waiting for the right time to come so that, they could take an effective step in order to create an ethical environment and to atone the mistake of our predecessor so, we could change the opinion of our writer about pakistan that it is under destruction rather than construction.

    people love your country make it a peaceful place to live in by working together by becoming a fist rather than being a finger against corruption.

  9. I said that most of us wants to escape, not all of us!…Nobody actually wants to live in a third world country like Pakistan..obviously everybody will go for his/her future….!

    The biggest dilemna of our society is our youngsters dont know what to do? and who to follow?…they are lost between the Islamic values and latest trends…whatever they found attractive they simply jump on that…our generation needs a leader who can tell them right path or who can create a balance between Islam and the rest of the world…otherwise we will remain like this foreover!

  10. uff. i wasn’t disagreeing with you rameez. i was just pointing out that the situation isn’t as terrifyingly morbid as you paint it to be. the political scenario of Pakistan has been much much worse at least 5 times in my living memory, and i’m only 21. i’d actually advocate martial law but i’m not in the mood to get lynched by staunch PPP And PML- N workers at the moment.

  11. problem,I was just commenting on the topic!

    No matter how much deep situation we faces, without being optimistic in our views, we could not make Pakistan an advanced country and I am happy that you are actually optimistic in your views and thats what we want(optimistic people)….When there is a will, there is a way..and yes Pakistan could prosper if each and every citizen start performing his or her work honestly.

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