Orkut, setting the stage for the freshmen!


By Hassan Essani AMM2

As I was looking through our university’s community on Orkut, I saw some weird things happening. A variety of people, I found, adapted different strategies to achieve their various purposes. Some of them seemed ready to hit on the women!!

Here’s what I found in one of the scrapbooks. Yes I actually went through all that research to write this one article!

What did this guy have in mind while scrapping this freshman, a woman I must say. So concerned about freshmen and their future, Duh! Now, this is what I call sweetness at its peak, so caring and so sweet. A bit too much I must add. Isn’t it? Wish I had one in my days! :p

Some came up with their intellectual theories.


Does that make any sense at all? What’s the point in using such language and scaring the newcomers, not to mention their parents, out of their wits! This is just one of many such messages posted on Orkut!

Some were busy threatening.


Some were trying to gain attention by either interfering or replying to the topics made for freshmen, by themselves.


Here’s some more from the same post.


The whole purpose of this is to make us realize that this is the time we can set an example for these people. We’re no longer new to TIP. We can do so much to help the freshmen and guide them. This way you’ll earn respect yourself, (which eventually becomes the main cause of conflict between seniors and juniors, as some of our seniors forcefully demand us to respect them).

When I joined TIP there were some seniors I came across who were behaving in a pathetically sick way and making us do things like act like ill-mannered civilians. There were also those who gave me a warm welcome. You might be surprised to hear that I even had that free lunch :-D. This I consider an achievement. Ask those who didn’t even get to see a glimpse of their food. And to top it off, those seniors made me sit with them and forced me to have that biryani, while rest were busy snatching free-tokens.

Those who were lucky enough to reach the cafeteria and get their meal were robbed by their so-called seniors. It seemed as if the law of the jungle prevailed. It all happened in from of my very eyes. A group of seniors eyed their potential target. First some of them went and took away his free meal and then the rest stripped him off all his money. Do you think it’s fair?

Let’s keep a balance in ragging. Let’s do it for fun, rather then hurting someone and forcefully asking them to do things against their will. Do rag but make sure you stay within limits and keep the element of self-respect alive. Let things happen in harmony. Let’s not hurt these people, they have self-esteem, as well. Let’s consider them human, like ourselves.

But hey new comers! I hope you haven’t arrived thinking that there’ll be no ragging this time. Of course there will be! Skip the idea if you have it. You will be ragged, no question about that, but hopefully, in a more decent way so the enjoyment factor remains alive. You will find some of our ishtud seniors trying to violate and humiliate you, but you can always set your limit. The power is all yours, the decision rests in your hands!

One last piece of advice. Don’t close your eyes to the fun in ragging. You’ll remember it the rest of your life!

Best of Luck!

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  1. aaawwww….dayem..where wuz i wen dis wuz happenin..?n hey hasan..1 thing..ure rite abt wat the power of setting limits in ragging is concerned but ..in our time if u rememb. we didnt even have dat kindof rite..cudnt imagine..lucky juniors i must say…n tthoo thweet of u..(yuck)!

  2. hmm…i’ve always heard ‘barhon ki respect karo’, but i still havnt figured out ke yeh ‘senior ki respect’ ka concept kahan se aya hai….
    the whole point is…..if you cannot learn how to keep the dignity of your ‘juniors’, then neither will they ever respect you
    and no….ragging is definitely not a way to interact and or to build goodwill with the incoming crowd….
    khair its almost all over……but dude… hassan…. one day… im going to get u ragged really bad…..just for the fun of it…!

  3. hehe .. Arsalan dude, i was ragged throughout the year, the day i stepped the cafetera gate till the last day of our vacations. From that typical dance [with all make-up] to that tearin off the inner-wear and many more. Sadly, you missed your chance! :p Anyhow, the point is, certainly the way our so called *ishtud-seniors* rag, is no way to create a goodwill with juniors. Begging for money all the time, is what these people call *ragging*, strange, no? I’ve observed it throught the year in my bus. These people literally beg and cry for money, just someway, they want money without even giving a slightest thought to their sick brain, that the other person might not be able make it. Nevertheless, I’m glad that i actually went through with my time being victimized 🙂
    Dude, ragging is for fun! I even ragged, with that shocking lipstick :p, but only the people i knew, and the people actually enjoyed it.

    p.s. Apologise to the people, whom scrapbook’s i had to look into, to get this article done and the people whose post, i pasted. Its nothing personal, i tell you! Hopefully, people will understand the idea behind it.

    And yeah, just to let you people know, this article is because of this guy Aasim, who backed me up all the way, and did all the necessary amendments in it, though i was least interested in writing anything for any purpose. Thank you bro! 🙂 [you cannot edit this post!! :p]

  4. Does any of our people even bother to visit Quack [excluding the ppl associated with it, ofcourse?] or give a slighest thought to whats happening in our university or anyway they can do just *something* to improve it, Ah! just wondering? :/

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