Textile and polymer materials share quite a few characteristics with biological skin. The fact that textiles may get absorbed in biological tissues is advantageous for us in many ways. But what if at some stage we discover a textile/polymer that in its process of assimilation with body tissues does not lose its characteristics? What if the implanted polymer and the skin ‘react’ to produce a new material? For instance, a cell’s atoms that can go on to ‘polymerize’ like a plastic producing an ever continuous chain similar to a streptococci until ‘termination’ occurs. Is living polymer a possibility?

I had a bad dream last night- I saw I was losing a tooth. Now, I know this since childhood that it means that I’ll be harmed in some way. My experience pushes me to believe in this absurdity religiously. But that’s funny, what does teeth falling out has to do with a mishap?? Who has set this symbolized standard? And if you are a Darwinist, even then isn’t it strangely interesting that our subconscious brain adopted a ‘falling tooth’ as a warning signal of a future that even our conscious brain isn’t aware of??

Can we ‘technically’ classify human hair as textile fiber? 369px-lucifer_liege_luc_viatourApart from its limited availability, is there any other reason of why it can’t be woven to produce a lustrous fabric? We can of course add lice inhibiting finishes.

Okay, isn’t Lucifer supposed to be evil and therefore better be depicted in ugly and scary caricatures?
I mean look at him! and his paraphernalia (crown, chain, an apple plus notice the details of his wings!) ! Wow!

A major part of me, the core, is dark. Not metaphorically; literally. My blood runs in dark veins and recesses, my organs function in darkness; even the synapses where there could have been a little chance of spark are dark. I know, it’s a statement of fact. Just the idea that a large percentage of ‘I’ has never interacted with photons makes me feel like a closed, stuffed dark room.

Try imagine a ‘new’ color; something that does not lie in the range of VIBGYOR. Stuck?

Try imagining a fourth dimension. Stuck again?

Try reading three words at ‘a’ glance. Humbled? Human eyes can only read two words in one look.

I feel humbled. I guess its not all about me.

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