See no evil! Hear no evil! Speak no evil!

Interpreting the article “A pack of hounds,” the most likely remark you’d get from students would be. “What guts! The author’s stolen the words off our mouths!” Little does the reader know that the author has simply used an analogy, which makes the audacious statement a mere comparison and simply says that the teachers hound their students as a pack of hound dogs would hound prey.

I personally don’t agree with the analogy for a variety of reasons but I do, however, completely agree with those who feel that the author is responsible for clouding the minds of students with revolting statements.

The Quack! team has been rightly indicted of creating upheaval amongst the student body by using an analogy which was understood as a statement students generally use to describe teachers. Knowing the audience the analogy should have been scrapped before it got to the notice boards.

The point regarding plagiarism, mentioned in Abid’s article is definitely worth noting. Similar points regarding academic dishonesty that I have mentioned earlier in my article titled “What Sanctity!,” regarding the seriousness of the issue of cheating during class tests have been blatantly denied by some faculty. It is highly unfortunate that with the exception of a few no one paid heed to the points highlighted in the article.

It is evident that the teachers know what is happening where. They are aware of the loopholes in the system and they can clearly differentiate between original and copied work. Contrary to currently popular belief I increasingly feel that it’s the students who hound some teachers. The phenomenon is worse with teachers that are new to the system. But then again is it not the teachers who let the students treat them in this fashion.

So why is it that the faulty system still thrives? If the teachers know all too well what’s wrong and realize these deficiencies in their courses then they ought to set things right.

I shall say no more!

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  1. One a famous male wimbledon tennis champion compared his female tennis players as pack of jumping pigs that look really funny while they hop around on the tennis court.

    The poor guy got into hot waters although he did not mean to really offend the ladies.

    similarly if you wish to convey your message..there are several other words in english vocab which canbe used to illsutrate your feels. even if the teachers chase their students as their pry,,they should not be compared with an animal such as wild hound.

    kashif abbasi

  2. this aasim guy leaves no opportunity to show off his so-called writing skills better than that of abid omar. come on yaar, one article was enough by abid omar. and referring to your old article What Sanctity, which only had an insinuation to the article substance of abid omar’s A pack of Hounds, is just pure show-off (ostentatious, flambuoyant,pompous) one friend of mine says get your pompous @** out of it.

  3. Dear “goodboy”,

    Writing is about more than stringing together random words and phrases followed by a period. It is difficult to understanding whether you are applauding or denouncing the author – your comment here is incomprehensible. Try to put your “@**” into it when you write, and try commenting on the article rather than the style.

    Don’t that this the wrong way (that goes for you too, Kashif Jamil Abbasi), but here at Quack! Online we also want to engage in positive dialogue to improve the affairs of TIP. So come and give suggestions, help us improve ourselves, our writing and TIP. And Kashif, your point regarding “jumping pigs” is noted.

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