Senseless Scandals

According to an observation, about 80% of the students can’t make friends with the opposite gender. The reason behind it is not that they are shy but because they are afraid. They are afraid because a girl and a boy’s friendhip has a different meaning in TIP’s dictionary. Friendship has no meaning, and friends of the opposite gender are only seen as a couple.

The victim is usually unaware when things change. It all starts with fun and slogans like “chand pe jis ki sorat aai… bhai… bhai”, “botal… botal” (Gulshan point) and “baharoon phool barsaoo….”. The victim thinks that his dear friends are only having fun but after he comes to know about the actual reasons behind it, it’s a completely different story.

Don’t believe me ,try it out for yourself, as one of my batchmates did, talk to the opposite gender and a scandal will be waiting for you: “they are having an affair”, “he’s a flirt and he’s making her fool”, “yesterday I saw them sitting alone and they were…”. Your reputation will hit rock bottom and you will be treated as an alien, friends will change your name to “Romeo” and “Radhay”. The news will be on the noticeboard about your affair by your own friends, even before you realize it yourself that it’s an affair, will make you think a hundered time before talking to an another gender.

Funny isn’t it. But who’s to blame, who created this environment and who’s doing all this. Try asking this question to yourself and you’ll definitely get the answer and when you get the answer, do let everyone know.

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  1. hmmm..quiet interesting..i guess i know the answer!!! it all starts with the society we live in ..the way if not you , then majority of others have grown up. Not only in TIP, mostly in other institutions too where such kind of “GENTRY” is in abundance, you will see such idioticity…take an example of KU .. wahan to shayad aap ki ek do haddi pasliyan he toot jayen..if you go and have some gud time iwth yr female frends thanks to IJT,APMOS, PSO (though i had been an active member in my early boyhood of such Organizations)

    I dont know if most of the guys will agree or not..but guys taunt their own buddys for having frends of fairer gender cuz inside they have a sense of deprivation which had been in a state of evolution since they were school going kids and has has matured by the time they had arrived in their UNIVERISTY days. most of such fun is carried out by junior classes..since they cant differenciate a thin line of being a college chap and a grown up uni going gentlemen!

    every thing will be all riht once there is a trend set up at TIP where ..females also realise that guys are not a bunch of buggers and boys understand the need of respecting females and knowing their limits.

    always remember the law of motion (newton’s one) to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, treat the right gals with respect and you will be respected and loved by doubt

  2. Come on yaar kashif do you really blame our society for what is going on in TIP.

    Look what he’s sayin 80% of the male students can’t make friends with the opposite gender in our university. Man are they enough gals…like where have i been. Yaar masood the thing is that
    most of the gals that are in our university are in the designing section and the ones in your section will sum up to only like 2 or 5 approx. Now are you talking about guys being afraid to talk with gals in their section coz if you are then it happens with all freshmen just give it some time coz both of the classes are really nervous as not only the guys but also the gals don’t really know what or rather how to start a conversation with their opposites and what would they expect for an anwser if they do. Even Mr. Kashif Abbasi had this problem with him in the starting 🙂

    Then if you’re talking about gals in the designing section, well truely speaking who doesn’t wanna speak with them but seriously yaar there’re going to be rumours spreading around when you start mingling around with a gal who is not your class mate, who is not a close relative of yours… that gal certainly don’t go with you in your point….and you don’t have any business with her.. then why the hell are you so keen to talk with her.. …come on masood !!!…..think reality…..ou wanna be just friends…!!

    As you say a gal and guy relationship has some different meaning in TIP dictionary….well i don’t agree with you and about the scandals most of the stories i’ve heard were all true….ppl who made comments about being just friends came out to be some thing else…(now why everyone is looking at me:) )….see as they say action speaks louder than words… son your action will protray what you actually think of the opposite gender. Even kashif you know that if that scandals doesn’t have any truth in it than it won’t stay for long and i got numerous examples of that…like there was this scandal about some teacher and a students from our batch…. well we all know that it came to end coz there was no truth…(hahahhaha).

    So masood beta don’t worry this is all of a uni life and you’ll start enjoying it once you get accustommed to it.

  3. Nice Masood, Now this reminds me of my last year when I suffered only bcoz of some senseless slogans, although my own friends were behind all that scene but i can’t blame them as they were totally unaware of such scandals at that time.
    I request you all tht plss, plsss don make fun of ur friends in a cheap manner, bcoz it can lead him/her to a great trouble.

  4. my comment does not reffer to this article but to the comment of hamza… i think u r studying in a civilized institute and there are certain words that u can only use in the gathering of your friends… and this aint tht gathering….hamza get out of tht cup of “free world” i think u better start realizing the usage of appropriate words on appropriate places… u might b showing the juniors your bharam but it doesnt work here coz i think u r being illeterate over here…. i have seen people sayin these words on the site so its time to penalize them.

  5. Right Masood ur absolutely right people are not shy to talk to girls but what stop them to take a step is affairs i think that there are some people who r jealous when they see us talking with a girl just because thy dont have guds to talk with a gals and because there mentality is low.they can never think in a positive direction

  6. Saab ! ur observation may be right . that most of the boys really dont talk with the gals , as they are not shy but the are afraid of wat da ppl will say or comments on them . we have already passed 2 months in T.I.P and heard many many things abt the previous experiences that TIP HAD . but I think this is not the truth , ppl will say a lot of things but it doesn’t merely mans that anyone will take a corner in TIP . These scandels are a part of our society so we are supposed to handle such types of nasty scandels .

  7. Now look at owais. First thing Masood is not a freshman, he is a second yr student. He already knows everything about TIP and wat he says is all right. i have a lot more to say about your childish comment but i better keep quiet.

  8. Well Owais..what ever scene you created about TIP is TIP is full of gud number of females and nice decent guys..which was evident when i last time visited the campus..the new guys seemed to be decent and the gals were all respect giving and friendly despite of the fact all they (both of them) knew about me was that i was a TEXPERT…and yes i will stick to my is the social upbringing and the society that affects our behaviour..

    The quality of students, TIP is taking in since the past THREE years (not offending the current final yrs) .. TIP’s environment is heading towards the right direction..things take time to change and there are always rooms to improve..:)..

  9. not ur fault masood it’s the way how a typical Tipian thinks, not only how he thinks but what exactly he thinks about..”girlz” n “scandals” u love makin them and at the same time u love talkin about them, rite..

  10. First…..Mazhar i know that he’s now a freshman but the way he’s so eager to have a conversation with the claas of the oppsoite sex well that’s really childish. Now let’s come to that thing about childish act first mazhar beta you should know who you are talking to and be careful in using words…!!!

    Now you kashif…simply i don’t know where you get the time to write such a long articles about stuff which now not even concerns you. Are you concern with the scandals that’s been going on in TIP and do you really thing that your comments can change that… you’re gonna say that they can….yeh ryte…….Did you do any thing about them when you were in TIP. I didn’t heard our General Secretary any thing about that but you were so concerned about…..well nothing don’t start now about things you did cause we know that how much did you contributed to stopping this issue. What i wrote about was absouletely right why i guy wants to interact with a gal who is not from our own class. DO i want to go ahead and make conservation with a guy from other discipline with whom i don’t have any thing to do. About students being decent well you”re saying thatour class was indecent in dealings things around well that’s pretty ironic Kashif coz i thing coz during our time i thing TIP had the most enjoyable time than it ever had and if were so indecent than i think this wouldn’t have took place.

    Listen giving your so call expert opinion to some thing which never concerns you now that ur 1500 km away.!!! Kashif dude get a life….!!!

    About this scandals and stuff my opnion was one which contained a sense of humour and if one got mocked off than well it’s pretty obivious he didn’t knew what i actually meant. In the end Mazhar beta better use words carefully and do keep in mind who are you answering too.;

  11. Well Owais, seems you aint having a nice time at job (probably thaz the only reason i can assume for ur such a negative and offending outburst at me cuz i dint say any -ve word to ya in my entire comment)..let me correct you..i didnt point my own batch saying that they were the whole article and then accuse some one who loves each and every one from the batch of 2003..and who always tried to be as sincere as possible to every one .. your other point, how i get time to write such long articles, well dont let the time use you..have the art of use time for your own gud..sitting in karachi i guess its very easy for you to say that i am poking my nose in between from a place 1500kms away ..i dont say at all that my comments can change or bring a turnaround..but since the past 4 years had been a wonderful memory for my self and i’ll cherish that for the rest of my life..thaz y i vist this site every day even in the busiest of my schedules..every now and then i slip a comment about the gud stuf TISF is doing and the hard work people are putting in making TIP more fun..all cuz i still LOVE the people i lived with..that effection makes me take time out from my busy schedule and contribute in some way or the other…YOU WON’T UNDERSTAND ANY WAYS..
    why.. i dint do any thing to stop such scandals..let me tell you what the world has been listening since 1400 dont have the power to stop bad with force then use the pen and if cant do so..atleast say that its bad,, happening..i worked on that ..i write and point out “bad”..cuz simply speaking i never had the power to force pupils who were all about reaching their they are adults..they know the best..things change with the environment and things will hange for TIP too..

    and another thing ..always watch your words when you speak..if that was you joking again.your joke did hurt me .. cuz i wasnt expecting any thing so negative targeted at me! see you at eid Inshallah.and GOd bless you all.

  12. it happens everywhere, people have an envying sight on the couples.That is disgusting.If a couple anywhere with a dashing boy with cute girl, what happens next people want to /name the relation as affair. Whether they dont know the rerlation between whether they are brother sister or what. Just they do pass sentences as he is flirt and then the couple goes down some technical disconnection. We are who are behind these stats so to avoidis to have one with UUU.

  13. nice comments mani ! i think u have a closer look in these matter . keep it up . i said earlier these are the part of our society , so we have to tackle them , in a way that the people also pass thier comments and the couple also mend thier ways to a happy life .

  14. Well…..Well..Well….now i can’t understand why my opnion has any thing to do with my job..:) Well if so Kashif then maybe that’s the case. About your stopping things with the pen well kashif if you read that saying more closely it mentioned that if you don’t have the power or authority and i think you had both of those things. Authority as a General secretary and power well you were included in the our batch didn;t you…..:) So you could have done alot on this issue but neither any action nor any words were written by you on this very issue. If you are planning to start it now and got all the time in the world to do it then Good luck bro!!

    My answer is still left unanswered while you took my opnion as of an attack on you. Kashif i would say it again actions speaks louder than words so don’;t have explain any thing we know you were sincere with what ever you did. However, the questions still remain why would any one would want to a girl from the opposite sex when she doesn’t have any thing to do with guy and if a scandals is being formed than do you think that guy would pay any heed to it coz did it matter to you when rumours started spreading about you..i think it never did and your actions showed that this was never the case and you were better known as Kashif bhai in the opposite don’t take me wrong over here…:)

    Now leaving you aside coz you were an exceptional case did you saw any one of our batch start intereacting with any one from the designing batch without any reason. It never happened till the third year or fourth year…well some of us were a little hesistant about it but most of us didn’t had any thing to do with them. Our intereaction grew when we were in the same class in the same event and in many other things…now don’t get me wrong over you ALL :)…

    Scandals were formed at that time too but they never stayed long coz simply they were no thing called truth in them. You simply witnessed your seld many such rumours, which after a while dissappeared without any trace of them left.

    In the end to you kashif i would persoanlly say CHUP KAR MAIN SAHI KEH RAHAN HOON……….!!!

  15. hmmmm…YOU WONT UNDERSTAND IT will take years for you to get out of that juvenile adventurist frame of mind..

    sunday ko miltay hain..treat from my side..i have got an increment!

  16. owais i guess u haven’t read the article carefully or to be more precise u haven’t understood it properly.
    i thing more plz change ur backward school of thought , ur a grown up now

  17. Reality bites and it sure does……!!! Scandals, rumours what ever you may call them are always there. They not been in our institues but on other campuses as well. If RB have the privilidge to visit other institues as well than he/she may know that this art of spreading word around can be seen every where.

    What back ward is that when you start paying attention to it and they start to take their place then. My question is still unanswered, would you reality bite, who ever you are start chattin with any one for like every day without any reason…..every one can say pretty easily that they can but think practical that’s not the case. I have spent about 4 years in this institution and i can’t say that there’s any thing new about the incoming students coz they’re the same as we were ….stories were spread about us and the same comments were made but i guess after awhile every thing settle.

    My batchmates and the current forth year would agree with me that it’s better to have fun and enjoy ya self than to start protesting against some thing, which has been there since time began.

  18. i agree with you Owais. i think its okie to time pass with somme girl for some time n then shift to another girl.its an interesting to know abt friends specially we will hv no girl after these four years n didnt had any before.thats the last chance

  19. Though i’m glad that finally some one agreed with me but Manam beta i never said you can time pass with a gal as you put it in your own way. girls are not there to play around!!!

    In the end i think flirting is considered some thing childish nowadays and if some one gets impressed that any one is flirting with 3-4 girls at a time that’s really pathetic and childish of him coz gone were the days when these things use to attract gals.

  20. oay kee rola paya hoa aay chawala, aay k dostiaan shostiaan ,saday pind vich ta inj ni hoanda.fair aay tip vich kiun haa.

  21. Manam ! u r here to study infact not for passing the time with gals . Am I right . If u r so much narrow minded then go fir it , it will be ur last chance not our .

  22. i hate takin names ere..but me myself a victim of such scandals would like to throw some light on those who love to gossip,…u’ve gota lot many from 3rd year sciences …
    there have been times when i wanted to leave thsi uni for good n all becuz i was tired of hearin my name with a new person every new semester….
    i’ve learned to deal with the mela group here ….
    it is definately bad for a guy to be a part of a scandal but it is more frustrating for a female to hear herself a part of a mushy n pathetic rumour….
    i dont c things changing much in tip …..

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