Success… A journey less traveled

The Road to Success An overview of the remarkable book “The Road to Success” by Faiez H. Seyal.

The objective of this book is to explore the true meaning of success to inspire and motivate you to take charge of your life. The writer has discussed in detail the myths and misconceptions about success and has recommended some practical ways to succeed in life. Let’s travel through the book.

The book started by sharing the true personal story of the writer and then it deals with the misconceptions about success. And the later part deals with some feasible ways to succeed in life.

The commonly held beliefs are! like successful people are always rich. If it holds true than what do you think about great people like prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Abdul star edhi and Abraham Lincoln .all these people are known as extremely successful people of their times.

One of the biggest myth is successful people are born not made. It is true that every person comes with some special aptitude and individuality. What about a person who does not use these qualities. On the other hand others develop their ability through determination and hard work and out perform others.

People also blame luck for their failure. Who is actually lucky? Lucky stands for Labor, Understanding, Character, Knowledge and You. So I define it as Labor by You for success through Knowledge, Understanding and Character.

There are different meanings of success for different people .every person has its own objectives, aims and expectations in life. We don’t have an exact definition of success .to get the real picture we should ask a particular person whether ha has achieved his aims or not. So every person has its own personal definition that comes only form self discovery.

First thing is accepting the responsibility of your life. What is responsibility? Its made of two words i.e. Response and ability, means it’s your ability to response. Instead of blaming people, environment and circumstances the successful people always look inside. They have totally different paradigm about life. They take charge of their life and don’t leave it to the will of people. For example Abraham Lincoln didn’t have money to go to school. Instead of blaming luck he started borrowing and reading books in reply he cut down the lawns, washed cars and finally became the president of USA

Second is the positive thinking one of the traits you can find in every successful person.

Because ‘we are what we think we are’ so it extremely important to consider the hidden treasures of your mind. ALLAH has granted you the ability to think no other creature has. So learn to read the language of your mind and use it in making the important decisions of your life and feel the powers you possess.

Then learn from your mistakes. Take failure as an opportunity .It is the fee you pay for success. Just look at the failure of great people and organizations 1) coca cola in its first your of business sold only few thousand bottles.2) Einstein was labeled by his teachers as lazy minded. 3) Thomas Addison was failed 1000 times before the final preparation of light bulb.

Other than that you need time management, passion, trust in your abilities and lots more. The beauty of the book is that its not only deals with ‘how to succeed’ but also guides you how to remain on this track. The quotations the exercises the tips you will find in this book will give you ‘a joy forever’.