The following article was originally posted as a comment on the entry “Utter Humiliation,” by Ali Kazmi.

There are certain things which the student body is not aware of. A search of the alumni group will reveal posted invitations to various events, carnivals, degree shows, annual dinners and what not. Invitations have been sent out since 2005, it’s just that people are oblivious to existing facts.

Ali, I completely understand your concerns, and can imagine how the graduates would have felt coming all the way to campus and not being allowed to enter. I agree that it’s tragic that things happened this way but feel that it’s important for each of us to realize our roles in strengthening the ties between the alumni and university.

The texpert community is at a rapidly growing stage and it is essential for TIP as well as the TIAF to nurture this growth in the right direction so we may all benefit from it. 10-20 years down the road or more, the roles we play as professionals will set the standards for TIP’s development which will inevitably reflect on our professional standings as graduates of TIP. It’s a symbiotic relationship which we can’t escape from and I feel that it is up all of us as individuals to take steps in the right direction.

It takes a lot of effort and some bold, and at times unpleasant, decisions to set things right. The incident was as unpleasant for the administration as it was for the graduates but what’s more important is that such mishaps are avoided in future.