Teachers are the gems and pearls:

Aisha Rahat

The teaching profession is one of the most meaningful jobs there is. It is the teacher who made us believe we could make our dreams come true. They are just like our parents and deserve respect and honor from us.

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him), gave a comprehensive and complete advice concerning the rights of the teacher upon his student saying,

One of the rights of the scholar is that you greet people generally and then greet him with a special greeting; sit in front of him; do not point with your hand in his presence, nor wink with your eye; do not quote someone else who said opposite of what he said; do not backbite anyone in his presence; do not hunt for his faults, and if he makes a mistake accept his excuse; dignify him for the sake of Allah; if he needs anything, rush before everyone to serve him; do not whisper in his presence; do not grasp him by his garment; do not insist for answers when he becomes tired; do not ever feel you have accompanied him enough, because he is like a palm tree from which people wait for fruits to drop from.

Hazrat Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) gathered in his advice what suffices the need, but do we comprehend? Do we practice these small things in our daily life? Do we respect our teachers? No, we don�t! And it is very sad to know this. All through our academic career, the only thing we do is pointing the faults of the teacher and letting them down in every way we can as if God forbid we are superior to them. This is a very alarming and tragic situation. Our teachers are our assets. They are the ones who build our personality. No matter what ever we do, they would always have an upper hand on us. We should behave with our teacher nicely and sweetly, after all they also posses a heart. They need to be loved and cared. Teachers teach us for satisfaction of their soul and not just for earning money. No matter how harsh a teacher may be, we should learn to be down towards them and should do exactly as they say, should learn to accept our failures and should not argue with them.

Abu Hamid Al-Ghazali (May Allah have mercy upon him) said, “Knowledge cannot be acquired except through humbleness”.

We should complete our studies with dignity and pride and should always give due respect to our teachers, so that when we graduate, we graduate with honors and our teachers greet us by giving pats on the back rather than ignoring us because of how we behaved with them during our academic career. It is said:

“If you expect respect, be the first to show it”.

So my dear fellow students, show the teachers that you care and you love them by your behavior and if you have done wrong to them, say sorry to them because they need it and it will add to their greatness.

The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, “Seek knowledge and train to be dignified and calm while seeking knowledge, and humble yourselves with those whom you learn from” (Tabaraani).

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  1. we should respect our teachers they are just like our parents , u cant forget your teachers who love u so much ,mera manna hai ke zindagi may her us bunde ke respect karo jo tumhen koi ache baat sikhade

  2. I appreciate this artical but adding to this, teachers are not know for their knowledge, but the love, honesty to their profession, and above all the inspiring thought to see world with a possitive eye.
    writer of this artical is some one who knows how to respect one who has given her a respecatble eye to see and observe. N e wayz, too good……

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