The “BC” Culture

Sitting in the Eqbal Ahmed Students Center, sheepishly ogling the bachiyan, envying the aggressiveness of the third and fourth years, in the midst of the my-gadgets-are-more-cooler-than-yours, I have issues with only one thing in TIP.

The “BC” culture which has a despotic rule in the TIP campus; everywhere around, in the cafeteria, corridors, hallways, outside the classrooms, one hears the BC words. I wonder why this is so a la mode in our society at TIP.

Slang and vulgarity are a part of our society. These have their roots in the frustrations and desperations of the social problems. How easily these words are uttered by us guys in front of our behnain (maayein and baityian).

Putting myself in a TDT girl’s imitated Prada shoes, I find that it really offenses the delicate sex. I feel like I am a suppressed gender who is looked by the boys with belittlement. I believe that girls are a blessing in our campus and should be respected not be derogated by this “BC” culture of insane slangs. I would also tell you about my observation that the BC slangs are mostly uttered by boys having complexes, or no girlfriends, and in order to feel on top and satisfy their egos, they derogate this wonderful gender with the most tasteless vernacular, which are mostly centered around female anatomy and female relations and they have an insinuation for sexual desires and frustrations.

I argued with some sensible friends of mine who made their point saying that girls at TIP have to be prepared for the real textile mill environment where things such as MC’s and BC’s are commonplace. They say that TIP’s “BC” culture actually gives a platform for our girls get accustomed to these things.

But my argument is that the designers do not really have to work in a mill environment. They usually work in places where people are more educated and sophisticated (my perception) and the ground reality is that 80% of the girls of TIP are in the design department and it is really not right to subject them to this BC-torture.

I know its impossible to stop people from spreading the germs of MCBC’s with lame things as fines and punishments (fines are impractical because then we’ll need audio recorders in vans, cafeteria and corridors for verification of the guilty) but still something can be done. I think it will be a good idea to have a Hyde Park kind of place for female and male students separately where they can talk, rant, abuse, insult anyone and anything. Another suggestion for this is that the girls of TIP start counter abusing the boys with objectionable slangs.

So folks, the least you can do is before venting you MCBC’s is to look around and scan the space so that it is female-free , with the nearest girl at least 25 metres away, only then bark out your very own lovely tasty slangs.

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  1. well ALI u are right but i dont think we can help this matter … at the end of ur artical u wrote “only then bark out your very own lovely tasty slangs.”
    the word bark … clearly state the calibre of the ppls who utter this slang words … and i would say u cant make the dog stop barking … but ignoring it …

    the more u pine this matter the moe they bark …
    u said the are despos … and they just do this to get attension and through this article you are giving them the importance …

  2. well Mr. ali ur right we have BC culture and u r right every where but u have drictly pin pointed to 4th and 3rd yr i dont know frm which yr u belong to but i tell u this BC culture is found in every yr mostly in 1st yrs so stop pointing to any yr and try to tak care of urself and ur yr.

  3. hi adeel bhai . well i didnt say at any point in my article that third years and fourth years rant the BCs . i think you didnt comprehend my words . what i did said was quote “envying the aggressiveness of the third and fourth years” unquote , which is a very natural phenomenon .and envious means by definition that i wish i also had that kind of aggresiveness . and it was in no way directed to mean that third and fourth years rant BCs a lot .

  4. well im glad someone raised a voice on this issue i would like to tell mr adeel(tmm4) tht ur highly mistaken tht the 1st yrs r the most who r most into this bc culture but obviously im denying the fact tht few of them r engaged in this thing like some frustrated boyz from outstation but majority of them r better then atleast the 3rd yr sciences plzzzzzz forgot sake someone tell them unke is bc culture se koi larki nahi impress nahi hogi im forced to give this eg but recently in award ceremony i heard one of when a tdt 2 girl went to take her award tht guy on account of her receiving the award shouted in a very loud tone with a big smile on his face saying to his friends “ABAY BCTOONN ZOOR SE TALIAN BAJAO AN AFTER SAYING THIS STARTED BLUSING AS HIS FRIENDS TEASED HIM” me and a lot of my ppl heard him saying this till were his amazing words could be reached PPL WHAT THE HELL IS THIS CONTROL URSELF!! aur agar nahi control kersaktay tu apni maoon aur behnooon ke samnay bhi ye sab bakwas kiya karo!! SHAYAD USWAQT THORI SAHARAM AAJAE wo bhi shayad.PS (WERE NOT ALIENS)

  5. adeel stop scaring the kid.. he didnt mean it in that sense.. appreciate that hes writen so much about what we usually look but not notice or rather bring to light…

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