The ‘Separate-Codes’ policy

This article goes out to all the girls who, when venture to try out the western attire get showered with comments such as, “She’s a disgrace to being a Pakistani”, or “Sharam nahin Atey larkee ko!!!” etc. Before I go on with my trademark pessimistic tone, I’d like to add in that I don’t, at all, think that all men think and act so; thus this article is aimed at the lot that do.

It’s funny, the society in general, and our mindsets on a higher note. Whereas we think it perfectly normal for the ‘guys’ to wear any and everything, eyebrows are raised at ‘girls’ if they experiment with a ‘not-so-typical’ cut or style. Most of the girls in our University wear our cultural dress 24/7/365, whereas the guys’ ‘cultural adoration’ is mostly seen only on Fridays. Yet most of the guys pride themselves at being more cultural.

There’s a constant conflict about culture and religion, and most of us seem to confuse ourselves with it. True, religion has placed stricter rules with reference to clothing on women, but it has also made it crystal clear that no one is to interfere with another’s personal life. So if for example a girl is wearing a daring outfit, it’s for her and her only to decide whether she wants to take the road to hell or heaven.

Another point in relation with religion is a must mention. I’ve witnessed fingers being pointed at girls for not covering their heads or wearing a sleeveless for the simple reason that it’s not allowed in Islam. The accusation, though unasked for, is correct, but why don’t we apply the same theory to guys when they turn up wearing their ever so skimpy shorts? Correct me if I’m wrong, but Islam also says that men need to cover themselves from the navel onwards. ( till their knees)

I don’t consider girls any better than guys; I’m not a feminist, just a plain old ‘humanist’. The point of this article was simply to make people think about why we have separate codes (dress codes and otherwise) for both the men and women, why women need to work harder to maintain a good reputation, why people measure a woman’s respectability with her attire, and why men have the liberty to dress up the way they want to whether they are following religion or not ( without being questioned and condemned), and women don’t.

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  1. It is said that Truth is really bitter and the author literally proved it by removing my comment, in fact the whole article from this web site was removed. Anyway, Here I go again …
    People here in US; use easy words in their articles, hence making it easier for their readers to understand. But, on the contrary, people in Pakistan (specially girls) try their best to impress their readers by using the most intricate vocabulary and the same goes for this article. You know what? They can just fight by writing on the topics like ‘Separate codes’, ‘Why guys have more freedom than girls?’ ‘Gender Partiality’ …etc. They debate for nothing. And when their teacher point out their grammatical errors, they again write an article like ‘Teachers’ crit’. Can’t you write something beneficial? Other than criticizing better halves.
    And by the way, Its not necessary for men to cover themselves from the navel till ankles, but it’s essential for women that they should not look at the nude legs of males while they are wearing shorts or even a swimming costume, because they are doing what’s necessary for them.

  2. It’s sad to see how bitter you are about girls in general, and me in particular Talib, but since I wrote the article for ‘the bitter bunch’, I must add that it wasn’t totally unexpected.
    I’m glad for you if the people in the States write easy English, but just for the record I’m not one of those who like to pepper their work with unnecessary adjectives. There are a million thoughts that enter ones mind, I simply like sharing and discussing them.
    Secondly if others like you mistake me for a ‘fighter’, I’ve been utterly mis-intepreted ; what I do believe in is voicing my opinion. It may seem as unacceptable to you as yours does to me, fair enough then?
    Thirdly if you feel I write , hmm now what’s the simplest word to use here…… ‘kachra’ why bother your delicate eyes by exposing them to ‘o so sinuous ones articles’?
    Last but not least, it’s shameful that although you comment with such confidence, you don’t have a clue about the text. If you could take time off frolicing in the States you might want to open up the Quran where it states clearly that men and women are both to guard their modesty. To be more precise I’d like to quote directly from the Quran:

    “ Say to the believing men that they should lower their gaze and guard their modesty—”
    (24: 30)

  3. Talib, I had deleted the article while trying to delete a comment ridden with foul language. As you can see, the article is back on, so no harm done.

  4. It’s really heartrending to see that instead of understanding my point of view, you again protected yourself in your ‘trademark pessimistic tone’. I am not afraid because you blamed me for being against girls, I am actually confused because you can not understand a verse of the holy Quran and still you are trying to give an incorrect interpretation to other people?
    Secondly, quoting a verse never proves that one reads the holy Quran, respecting and understanding are the things that matter as well. I would highly recommend you to consult a good TAFSEER or someone who knows enough about it.
    And the word ‘Kachra’ is not the simplest but the most accurate word here. What’s your purpose behind writing articles? To expose yourself? Or to illustrate your text to the other people so they can read it?
    Once again, I am not against girls. I am aligned with those who always compare guys with girls, who always show attitude. There are lots of other topics to write on. Start thinking in the positive way Sidrah before people start thinking in a negative way about you.

  5. WoW People don’t know the spelling of ‘absolutely’ and they grade others articles … isn’t that amazing? Why the hell people wear cloths if they wanna show their shapes and figures?

  6. Talib you’re the one who seems confused. Your comments make it very clear that you’re the one who’s against girls, yet you insist on the contrary.

    As far as the quote from the Quran is concerned. If you wan’t to interpret it in SIMPLE language It clearly states that it’s not merely a woman’s job to not look at the legs of a man wearing shorts, but also a mans to not STARE at a woman who, in their opinion, may be inappropriately dressed.

  7. Aasim, now you have admitted yourself that girls should not wear ‘inappropriate dresses’ as you have mentioned it in your comment. That’s what I have been trying to say.
    Secondly, if you think that you would get somebody’s favour by appreciating her for a false thing, then you are absolutely wrong. Man, I am not against girls … and why should I be? Read the comments with open eyes and try to understand the meanings hidden in it. I hope you will get my point.

  8. I am not a frequent visitor to this quack blog, but today as I finished my chores early, I logged on and read with interest the articles and views of Sidrah Nadeem and comments to it, chiefly of Tablib. It was amusing to read the whole text of this blog. Surprising as well, to discover that ideas, clean and clear as Sidrah’s could have attracted such criticism. Gender partiality and like issues need to be written about as they exist in our society and culture and are very much real.

    As far as clothing is concerned, Islam has defined limits as to what both men and women should wear, how much should remain concealed and what may be revealed. Perhaps the only point where I differ with Sidrah is that if a person chooses hell for him/her self it is the duty of any other to try abstaining him from that. However, the way to do it, should be such that it attracts admiration and applause rather than causing hurt and making the person more staunch.

    Anyways, time doesn’t permit me to write more, some other time perhaps. Sidrah’s articles are excellent though.

  9. Assalam-u-Alaikum !!!
    it wuz nice reading that article !!! have u seen any guy this semester in shorts ??? ur answer would be nopes !! u haven’t !!it wuz a period when some guys tried to become unique or u can say distinctive by dressing in that way !!!! n u can see that after sometime all those guys came back to their usual routine drssing !n i dont know who told u that no one used to condemn them !!! i dint find a single person appreciating them !! they were definitely wrong n that’s why result is in front of u !!! n there are different codes for men and women even in Islam !! I m quoting the author “Correct me if I’m wrong, but Islam also says that men need to cover themselves from the navel onwards. ( till their knees)” u r right absolutely right !! but u dint tell us abt the other side of the picture that women need to cover their entire body except their palms their feets and their faces !! ( some ppl believe that women need to cover their faces as well i leave it on u ) now these are the dress codes defined by Islam ! 100 % of guys in TIP are following this dress code n except one or two girls 90 % girls are not following it at all !!!!

    Allah Hafiz !!

  10. Listen WOW! Whoever you are! do u have any problem ager mein ney “absolutely” ki spelling ghalata likh dee??? oh… by the way! im not commenting on ur article… u better know!

  11. Talib beta do u argue with every1 in US over wot to wear and wot not to. One thing which u must try to understand is that it is solely the personal matter of a person how he/she covers him/herself. Islam wants u to be a good muslim and doesn’t want u to make fun of others faith or choice.

  12. execellent comments by student . seperate codes …..hmm.
    well if any one wants to wear cloths with a tailors mistakes or western clothes its there right. there should be no objection of a girl wearing jeans and t shirt because it covers them from neck to toe but if u wear a half sleeve shirt which is too tight and about to burst than dont expect something nice from boys because boys are only human . my only request is please wear whatever u want but please dont show your skin kyon ke “kuch kuch hota hai”.

  13. Talibs daddy, If it`s really such personell matter,of wat to wear or wat not thn why ppl alwayz criticise the inocent stearer..?? Person willfully exposes him/herself & u won`t expect oppsite sex to to gaze them..???Simply…either dnt wear such things..& if, thn dnt critisize others…
    aur by the way, tumhe daddy ban na ka ziada shauq hia.

  14. Actually Waqas, people who do not have the potential to become a father in their real life, they try turning into ‘online daddies’. And you are absolutely right Waqas. When people would expose themselves to this extent, what the opposite gender is going to do. Simply they will stare them and you know what? Girls here love if guys watch them or gaze them and in Pakistan ………………. you will be suspended next day for just looking at a girl.
    So my dear ‘FAKE FATHER’, don’t try to compare Pakistan and USA. It would be better for you.

  15. sidrah i feel you have really done a good job to point out the separate codes policy cox as much as teh dudes nowadays think theyr all that deep inside tehyr just prehistoric pieces of trash especially that talib dude

  16. Thanks Blah!!!!!! I appreciate you for your comments but for God sake, do not hide your identity. Why the hell you people are afraid ….

  17. IMPORTANT: Many of the reponses here used teachers’ name which they did’nt. Please dont go by the name…Students uses here teachers name to make all of us fools….

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