Utter humiliation

Ali Kazmi, Textile Science ’07

As a freshman, when I first entered the TIP campus 4 years ago, my batch got the warmest welcome any freshmen batch could get… apart from ragging thingy! What attracted me most was the day when some Texperts were called on the campus to have some on-stage chit chat with the newcomers to boost their confidence after deciding to enter the textile world – especially TIP!

It was really good to see the president of TIP welcoming those TEXPERTS by comparing the event with the ‘…home coming of the daughters and sons (of TIP)..’. I, as an individual thought about the love and attention we were to get during our stay at the campus after that freshmen gala!

Sadly, now, I stand behind the fence of my own beloved campus, which every alumni hopes would welcome them at their every visit back home – barred to enter the very grounds of my self-proclaimed throne on the very occasion of freshman gala 2007. I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing the gates of my home closed to me, my own respected, beloved teachers asking all their institute’s alumni to leave the campus.

Is this what we deserved? Is this what we learned throughout our stay at TIP? Is this the right thing to do with the sons and daughters who left the nest, trained and dedicated, only to make the name of TIP flourish throughout?

AS far as I remember,TIP has always had a policy to strengthen the ties between the students, alumni, faculty and the administration. That was the purpose of TIAF (Textile Institute Alumni Forum). And our batchmates played a key role in making it possible. This Alumni is the major channel through which TIP graduates are employed in an effective manner!

I don’t find words to conclude all what I started with so much so say (but have to keep my lips sealed due to an administrative reason). I just want to ask the present residents of my beloved institute if they want the same treatment for themselves when they pass out? Do they want the same humiliation when they get back to their very own campus after getting getting short leaves from their jobs, traveling in the burning sun, just to have a break from their work, just to contribute positively in their new role as an alumni? just to make u people realize, U have got the future in your hands!

Please comment. Please make this place the real TIP that it once was; not a self governed, non-welcoming ‘MR — PUBLIC SCHOOL’!

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  1. i am traumatized,shatterd,shocked ……cant find more words I still remember Mr. Presidents words K ” ye app ka ghar hai app jab chahay asaktay hain”.Well no where in the world alumnize are stopped from entering the campus ..they dont need permisiion to enter the campus…..Aap ko aap kay teachers hi nahi welcome kerahay …they dont want to meet u tu all u can say is ab dobara nahi aoonga is jaga:(

  2. “AS far as I remember,TIP has always had a policy to strengthen the ties between the students, alumni, faculty and the administration”

    since when…?

  3. I was never a big fan of Dr. Zubair and i never agreed to most of his policies anyways. Stoped going to TIP long time back not to get disapointed. Have heard alot about new policies being implemented and honestly they ******.
    I wonder when TIP management will stop wasting time with such stuff and concentrate on better education. What ever is happening currently is insane.

  4. Ali as far coming back to the institute, you’re welcome to come to the institute. You’re not welcome to attend events unless instructed to do so, so sayeth the student body. [:p] Not My Opinion! I didn’t vote on this one!

  5. that’s ridiculous. they should be more then welcome to come. it seems TIP is slowly trying to suck out all fun and freedom from our lives. Who voted to let them out anyway?

  6. wht haz happened is past .. next time dis should’nt take place .. just the othr day heard ali hafeez sayin tht texperts will be invited in carnival and the remaining events .. it was just the freshmen gala whr because of some reasons thy were left out !

  7. we can have some voting on this topic on quack!….
    n if such votings had been held at tip…n went against the topic…i see no more participation from TIP’s Alumni in future…not Atleast my batch mates!

  8. Well if you had attended the Class Representative’s meeting. All the CR’s voted on not letting the seniors come to the Freshman Gala!
    Reason being it’s a Freshman Gala, we did protest that the Graduates would be offended, but Mian Saqib maintained that it’s the TIAF’s job to look after the Graduates not the TISF! :S

  9. there are ways of getting things done…if the texperts had to be left out of the event because of some unsolvable space or administrative problem, it couldve been done tactfully…but it is true that the alumni took out time from their busy schedule to attend the event, and were barred from entering the gates…its unbelievable!….
    frm the comments above, it seems that the tisf has taken a destructive path…why is the faculty so involved these days, in everything the tisf plans!…I dun even understand the need to discuss whether the alumini shud or shud not be allowed to the event!…hope the student body doesnt feel that the texperts are selfish if they take out time from work to creep into every event….
    i remember my first year as a garduate wen ppl like Ather Ali khan (from tisf)did simple but valuable things to keep the interation going between us….thats the way it shud be!

  10. i was one of them which were not allowed into tip…..i didnt get a reply tht day……tht y they not lettin us in….and even till today havent recieve a good enough explaination to all tht happened…..and where the present student body is tryin to take tisf toooo……

  11. Its strange to hear that MR Saqib commenting on this issue k “Tisf ka masla nahi hai and avoiding the issue, he himself is a texpert , teachers like Mr ADEEL SHAH , MR SAQIIB

  12. there have been number of reasons why the texperts were not allowed at the campus. but i agree this matter should be tackled tactfully.
    and the texperts will be allowed(rather invited) on important and\or formal occasions.

  13. There’s a lot that can be said here. Yes, the events that took place on the day of the freshmen gala were not pleasant for either the graduates or the administration at TIP. As far as the student body is concerned they can simply remain aloof from the situation on the grounds that the TISF conducted a vote where it was decided that the event would not be open for outsiders. The TISF can not be blamed if the senior students were not present at the vote to honor their friendships by voting the texperts to attend the occasion.

    The fact remains that yes, perhaps the TISF could have barred the graduates from attending the Gala but could not have restricted them from entering the campus. The power to do that vests solely with the administration. I’ll come back to this point after I have distinguished between the evolving role of our alumni and student forums.

    With the graduation of the class of 2007, TIP has disseminated over 500 graduates. The scenario becomes much more vivid if a few numbers are put together with some reverse calculations. With an average of 80-100 students graduating every year over the past four years, there were about 200 or so graduates back in 2003 and over 300 students which have now increased to slightly more than 400. If looked at logically, the TISF has the capacity to only cater to a certain number of people and with the number of alumni increasing it will certainly become more and more difficult in coming years for the TISF to deal with the influx of texperts at their functions.

    Those of us who have worked for the TIAF know how difficult it is to get texperts to pay their early dues to the association. Many of them made us feel as if we were trying to build a fortune out of their contributions for our forthcoming generations. But lets leave that aside for now and just look at the problems the TISF has faced in this regard. How many occasions can be recalled where the TISF placed a ticket on texperts and if even a single person paid up at the time of entry. It’s not a question of no system being imposed or no order implemented, though I’m not denying the existence of such problems, it’s a matter that boils down to our own selves. If we as the alumni were to step out of the cocoons we’ve built our empires in, we might be able to see that elsewhere in the world it’s the alumni that contribute towards funding an institute rather than things being the other way round.

    Nowhere in the world do things happen the way they happen here. Yes, there are certain things that should have been more systematic but there has to be an initiative taken at some point. The texperts are welcome to come to the campus anytime they want provided that they have a reason which could be an appointment or an invitation and I am sure that they will be given utmost respect. The fact remains that invitations were not forwarded to the alumni through the TIAF mailing list or in any other form by TIP or the TISF. Do remember that under normal conditions and in what one may call respectable societies, invitations are sent out to welcome people to functions rather than restriction orders sent to curtail entry.

  14. A nice way to protest against stupid behaviour from top management of our uni.Even current students also like to meet with texperts and share their experiences.Whoever behind this should appologies with all those texperts who were not allowed to enter tip.

  15. Agreed with Asim..

    In my view, the only reason to stop TEXPERTS from entering into TIP was the space problem…auditorium was already filled with people…If texperts were allowed….it was impossible for them to sit in the audi…!

    But, again once they arrived on tha gate far from city…stopping them from entering the campus is a humiliating way…

  16. the whole episode of turning away texperts from campus was very unfortunate but at the same time there was no formal invitation sent out as well. Ofcourse this could have been handled in a better manner but it does not mean that TIP is barring its alumni from participating in its events.
    What really hurts the efforts of people like me at TIP is that when TIP’s alumni is formally invited through multiple letterss and reminders to participate and attend an event; and in this case I am talking about the ‘Thesis Poster Display’ held in March, then we hardly so a few texperts. I am sure the final year students would have really enjoyed their presence at such an event where the texperts could have actually contributed in the development of the current students. Whoever came to that event would agree that texperts were given a warm welcome and utmost respect.
    Then again, there is so much anger at being refused entry by the student body to participate in an event that would not have contributed much to the current student’s development.

    I would also like to inform the ‘texperts’ that faculty is not involved in TISF decision making except for the TISF coordinator. People like me and Adeel Shah often are present during meetings to provide guidance if required because we are also texperts and would like to see the students prosper.

    I would humbly request all texperts to kindly visit TIP other than on events/concerts and provide some input of the industry to make the educational system better at TIP. And please get the whole story before you start blaming people for any inconvinience caused. I would also like to apologise to all the ‘texperts’ on behalf of the faculty for any inconvinience caused and would welcome them generously, if they let us know of their scheduled arrivals, thanks.

  17. Hmm strong words!!!
    I moved to new place, 1st of this month, its very nice but I am more attached 2 my old place why cuz I spent almost a year there and seriously I fell in love with that place and when I handed over the keys to the landlord my vision was blur’ cuz of the moisture in ma eye. New tenants told me that you are more then welcome here if you wana visit. So does that give me green pass to visit ma old house when ever I want… hmm I will leave this… you to decide.
    Dude proper way is to invite me on special occasions; we can sit together and have a long chat about experience, things I gone through shearing storie etc.
    It is an honour if some one let u in his/her life don’t ruin it by overdoing.
    Don’t you think if I keep on visiting my previous place and going there unexpectedly will annoy new tenants?
    I know its kinda lame giving you example of house shifting… but tell me how u feel if you are on the other side.

  18. The reson behind why was it done. For years and years we have had texperts comming in the freshman gala and all sorts of programs of TIP. The TISF members for the first time voted that weather the Texperts should be allowed to enter in events for free or they should be charged ticket apart from this we even voted on weather they must be allowed to enter in the freshman gala or not. The only reason behind it was that every now and then texperts come in although a small number but to accomodate them it becomes quite impossibe for the TISF committee members. In the history of TIP for the first time this event was being organized on time and invitations were given to all the faculty members to come see performances of the new comers. Our auditorium which has a capacity of around 350 people was filled with 400 people plus. If the texperts had come then at the first place problems of acomodating them would have been the a major issue then secondly the freshman gala would have turned up into a meeting decoram where indivisuals would have started talking about there placemnets and how they had been doing and all sorts of talking business.

    TISF also has certain issues and concerns and why are they always being pressurized and not given a boost why are they always to hear every now and then complains. Its a studnet body we all need to work out and make our efforts a reality by working together rather than just blaming the TISF allways please for God sake if you have better ideas and plans to organize an event do put in your suggestions and if your suggestions would be frutful enough and feasible we would come up with it.

  19. itz very nice n encouragin to see how the students, texperts n faculty r contributing so positivly in from of a polite discussion but so sad to c how none of the tisf members specialy mr prezident mr haris amin din bothr to say few words..i guess he shud known his responsibilities r more then jus takin glory for events organized by others(other tisf members) instead he shud follow all othr thins to knw whats happenin..neways dun get offended but its true lolx..

    even facultys no issue regularly commentin i luv tip lolxx

  20. I agree with aasim. As the number of texperts keep increasing it will become harder for TISF to cater to the present students as well as the graduates,but that does not mean that they lose all sense of tact. Texperts should have been informed that they would not be allowed to attend the gala. Maybe it would have saved them the two hour drive from TIP and back. How hard would it have been to put up a notice on Quack, or the notice boards? Seeing how fast word spreads in and outside this institute, the alumni would have known not to come. And if a few had arrived, it wouldn’t have hurt to accommodate them. It’s a matter of common courtesy.

  21. Why build such a tiny auditorium in the first place. I mean, leave the alumni aside, but the audi can’t even accommodate all the current students and faculty at the same time. They could’ve built one where the amphitheater stands. There’s lots of land there and it’s not like the amphi is ever used.

    But, yes. Coming back to the topic, the issue could’ve been dealt with slightly more tact. Why, Ms. Shameem Noorani even has a whole topic in her Eng-150 course outline, dedicated solely to tact and diplomacy!

  22. Okay… after getting to hear a lot about this article… it’s time for me to reply!…
    So, first things first..
    TISF has evolved in several ways this time… I’ve worked my ass off over it to make a better/recognized/proper student body to work with/in.
    We have a panel of Class Representatives.. with whom everything is discussed before making any decision about anything.. so in other words.. we have a vote on every little thing this time.. just so no single person is to be blamed for whatever happens during the hole academic year.
    So this is what happened, we had a meeting over the freshmen Gala issue.. everybody looked forward to have a good participation from the Freshmen themselves.. so there came up a question whether Texperts should be invited to join us for that small event. So we had a majority vote (of which the minutes had been posted on the NOTICE BOARD) and the whole of CR body decided that it is an event to focus on the freshmen rather than the graduates…
    Now… I dont know who came and who did not… but I wasn’t the one to stop them at the Gates of TIP.. was I?..
    Plus it was just one small event… we agreed that we are going to send separate and proper invites to the Texperts for bigger events… I dont understand why do people have to create a fuss about things when things are actually being headed in the proper direction.
    In any case… I, Muhammad Hariss Amin, President, TISF, apologizes to all the texperts on behalf of the student body who actually travelled all the way to TIP and their way back.
    Now as per the rules of TISF… were there even any rules before?… would it have been better if there were no TISF at all? (which was about to happen during the first week of this semester btw)…answer these questions yourself!…
    and Neemz.. I could be blatant like you too.. but wouldn’t that make us the same?..
    So, my sincerest apologies to all the TExperts… if in any way we or especially I disrespected ya’ll!
    But seriously… we’re looking forward to have a good participation from the Texperts regarding several industrial/educational issues regarding the current students of TIP.

  23. Asim in reading, plz let me knoen the infulx of graduates coming to tip events and fucntions in ur four year tenusre as a student , it is usually seen that the last year graduates are keen to attend the events for there next year as texperts if too much participation then a year more, than it is very rare to see them , and this realtion has to be blamed to both texperts and the TIAFor the uni, i know being a participant at teaching texltiles , i hve seen the seniors keen to participate then , a proper prospect was given a proper event , its very rare to see texperts called upon on proper events which i ve not seen , and that too if a are held is being participated by tiaf and texperts there is no interaction b/w the student body and texperts, i think it is time when one should sse the situation at our place rather than see things happening abroad where things are a lot different…do consider,
    and wat mr pissed said should be taken positively what was meant was , teacher like MR.saqib and mr ADEEl shah and shujat alivi havig seen both sides of the court as texperts and now as faculty members could have contributed positively as much is expected from them from their xstudents, as concept of poster competion was appriciated, but what happend could have been dealt tactfully and in a beeter way so that thngs could go positively in future.

  24. i was one of those un lucky ones who were not permitted to enter the premisis of tip, trust me it was really hurting!!!!

  25. There is a problem with us. And that is that we wait till we hit the slums before making any efforts to get back on our feet. It’s something that happens on every scale, every corner of our society. Be it politics, sports, the TISF, TIP or TIP’s alumni association. It’s the same thing over and over and over again.

    By all means it was very unfortunate that a number of graduates came to TIP and were barred from entering. But don’t you think that perhaps from one tiny little perspective, those who went through this are themselves to blame for what happened. Was it not at all their responsibility to call and make sure whether they should come or not? Should they not have had an appointment to enter? Look at the matter logically and please don’t say that the previous batches did the same. Do you really think that this is a good practice?

    You and I aren’t the only texperts who could want to come to TIP. The campus is not an open house or a thoroughfare for anyone to walk into at leisure. There are texperts from 1998-99 who we can’t even recognize and some with associate degrees from as early as 1996. So can anyone come to the gate and enter saying that he’s a texpert?

    As far as texperts being invited to campus is concerned, they are sent out invitations to be informed. Invites are definitely sent through the TIAF mailing list and sometimes also posted on Quack! and sent by mail. There is therefore no question of invitations not being sent out, although the general student body might not be aware of them because they aren’t part of the Alumni mailing list. But for information’s sake the practice has been observed regularly since the creation of the mailing list in May 2005. I have also always made it a point to add members of the TISF to the mailing list and this year Hariss Amin was added on the June 3rd, the very night the TISF members stood for their oath.

    So yes, its really not a question of channels not being there. Its just that people are not willing to do the right thing. Even if they realize, they sometimes don’t want to make the effort. But I guess this has been a good discussion. And I’m sure that it will contribute in some way towards self realization and implementation on an individual level. And you never know, maybe we might be able to set a precedent and bring some order to the TIAF. I’m really glad the Ali Mehdi took the initiative to write this article and address this important issue, but what’s more important now is that the initiated movement is carried on and we as alumni take steps in the right direction to ensure that problematic matters are resolved. And lucky us, the platform to take that initiative is around. It’s known as the TIAF and it’s up to us to revive it from its dilapidated state.

    Any volunteers? Or are we all too busy like our seniors?

  26. Always here for such work Aasim ….. just say so .. 😀
    also regarding this current fiasco ….. the student body did well in organizing such an event and did extremely well in keeping the outsiders outside who were sitting in the cafeteria …… well, i do hope that for the next event the TISF will be competent enough to send some invitations to the texperts

  27. @ asim …yea bro ..there shud be a proper intimation but what if it have neva had occured befr ..u kno lad…it was the excitment of the just passed out batch which brought them to the gates of TIP…they were not here to crack some sorta joke or wat…i agree they shud have awared TIP of their visit..bt it wud have a very great pleasure…if they were allowd into!…many of us ..even afta gettin a formal invitation …wud think a hundred time ..from now on… bfore daring to visit this place!… neways bro…i hope your presence at TIP will do much in resolving this issue!

  28. There are certain things which the student body is not aware of. A search of the alumni group will reveal posted invitations to various events, carnivals, degree shows, annual dinners and what not. Invitations have been sent out since 2005, it’s just that people are oblivious to existing facts.

    Ali, I completely understand your concerns, and can imagine how the graduates would have felt coming all the way to campus and not being allowed to enter. I agree that it’s tragic that things happened this way but feel that it’s important for each of us to realize our roles in strengthening the ties between the alumni and university.

    The texpert community is at a rapidly growing stage and it is essential for TIP as well as the TIAF to nurture this growth in the right direction so we may all benefit from it. 10-20 years down the road or more, the roles we play as professionals will set the standards for TIP’s development which will inevitably reflect on our professional standings as graduates of TIP. It’s a symbiotic relationship which we can’t escape from and I feel that it is up all of us as individuals to take steps in the right direction.

    It takes a lot of effort and some bold, and at times unpleasant, decisions to set things right. The incident was as unpleasant for the administration as it was for the graduates but what’s more important is that such mishaps are avoided in future.

  29. mehdi and aasim in reading

    ager tumlog ko itne lambe comments likhne hote hai, apna hi kehna aur sunna hota hai, to fone pe baat kia kero na…. [:p]

  30. mehdi phone karnay say pehlay permission lay laina pata nahi kis kis ka phone ana hoo(;p), kiyoon k baray baray mulqoon main aisee choti choti baatien hoti rehti hain
    love sharukh!!!!

  31. I would agree with Saquib…

    Further more i mean some one was not allowed to enter because he was uninvited so the mature thing to do is to confirm your visit…If the writer made plans to visit TIP he should have covered this area as well…..

  32. I am sure there must be valid reason and we should understand why top management of TIP takes such decision rather to criticize them?? As Sarang Bhai said in his comments that he never a big fan of Mr. Zubair … But I am due to his services and devotion for TIP. Critically if we saw, he is a real man behind the concept of TIP and through his effort TIP has some standing among in Pakistan universities / institute and as TIP graduates, people distinguish us in the industry.

    In short, somehow I agree on the subjected discussion but there must be other way to proclaim!!! I think a person who has some problem /issue with management and haven’t time to come TIP to discuss so email to management or coordinators and register their issues.

    keep smiling!
    Salman Hussain

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