Wake-up call for TIPians

By Kamran Mohsin TS2

Don’t worry, I am not calling you to participate in a jihad against terror, nor do I want to utilize your hidden skills protesting against government policies. Yes, you may take a deep breath and let out a sigh of relief; I’m just calling you to work for the goodwill of TIP.

A lot of people come here just for amusement. Yes, indeed I am not saying you should not enjoy your stay at TIP but rather I’m emphasizing the seriousness at work. Do your best in the area you are standing weather its academic, sports or extracurricular activities.

The knowledge and your interpersonal skills are more important in your upcoming life so parallel to your concentration in studies do something to build the “soft image” of yourself and of TIP. As we owe this institution. Its reputation is ours. You’ll be proud to be a TIPian if there is a strong recognition of this institution across Pakistan and worldwide.

You people know that being an academic institution our contribution in research work whether its textiles or marketing is disappointing. Even with a best infrastructure (although there is an immediate need for improvement in faculty), we are not doing to our best extent. To my knowledge there is no publication weather in research /thesis work or in general is up to that standard that could be recognized as a prominent and outstanding effort.

You are right this is not achievable within the days. But instead of doing lip-service you can take initiative by simply writing a story, poem, article or anything you would like to share.

Impossibilities are merely things which we haven’t yet learned. (Charles.W.Chenutt)

You can publish your work in the upcoming “Talking Textures” or work to organize a seminar in which you can invite different scholars for personal development or any reputed intellectual under the handing of your course title. These measures will help you to enjoy and build your personality that is ultimately your goal of studying here.

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  1. haaaay ASSm …. beta where the hell is the last year (2005) talking texture…… use to nikaloo

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