We, the emotional people!

Since 14 August 1947, we have been through numerous political dramas; military rules, martial laws and so-called democracies. Despite the big promises by our leaders and politicians, Pakistan has not yet been able to consider itself a democratic and advanced country. In fact, it remains in the list of third world countries even after 60 years of independence. Some people blame military dictators for this dilemma, some blame our political leaders from different parties, and some don’t even bother to care WHY WE HAVE BEEN LEFT BEHIND? I personally feel there are two reasons for our downfall. One is the lack of proper education in Pakistan, and the other is the extreme and emotional way we choose to solve any crisis or problem.

People of the subcontinent are said to be the people of emotions. They love nature and beauty, and are fond of art, literature and poetry, which are all different ways of expressing our emotions. We, the Pakistanis, have the required talent to prove ourselves in the whole world. But, the problem is we are not hardworking and consistent. We initiate everything in high emotions but fail to continue it. Be it a bomb-blast case or a campaign against drugs, only initiatives are taken, and after some time, the problem is left to be solved by itself. Hence, at the end of the day, we are left with no or bad results.

Now the question arises, how can we solve this problem? It is nice to live in fantasy and high emotions, but we have to be more practical, consistent and hardworking as a nation. We need to control our emotions and start thinking seriously about various issues regarding our country. Instead of protesting against load-shedding and damaging governments property, we should give some solution to KESC to solve this problem. Our corrupt politicians, taking advantage of people’s simplicity and innocence, play a dirty role in emotionally capturing the hearts of citizens by uttering big promises and huge words. Once the candidate is selected for any government post, he/she eventually starts making his/her own policies, and starts filling his/her tub with public money.

To end, I want to say that the only way to cater to all these problems is to promote education among all sectors of society. Education is the prime need of a country. With the aid of education, an average citizen would be able to differentiate between right and wrong and will stop voting corrupt and disloyal people. Moreover, Education will teach us to control our emotions and not to select extreme and wrong ways to solve our problems.

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  1. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king!

    i HaTe PoLiTiCs!!

    Love your self and your fellow man!

  2. at first i was of the mind that subjects like OC were useless…buh dude..after reading this…i think OC wasnt that bad….well done..

  3. Excellent article. Education is the key to success. I’m an ex Pakistani now living Australia. Australian government spends much more on education than what we spend on our military budget in Pakistan. Well done!! Keep it up.

  4. Well, i must say its a very well written article, and the best part is that it is so TRUE. It is something i suppose many of us realise, but few of us think of actually doing something about. Anywayz…Great job!!

  5. You sure deserve an applause but i guess as far as practical point of view is concerned .. u can start by making things better in TIP and standing up against the management when needed !

  6. It is a positive and good thinking for a youngster of our society – emotions are powerful and have a positive effect if shwon in a balanced way.
    If hardwork is done with honesty and good intentions, the results are bound to be positive. There is a need to understand the problems of others and then to try to solve them. When we work fo the sake of others, our pains are eased as a consequence.If anyone of u reading this has gone through this…plz do write about it!

  7. Our overly celebrated religiosity breeds emotionalism and intolerance. Politico-religious leaders are the people who spread emotionalism in matters of state interest.

  8. Thank you very much for supporting and encouraging me on this article…..i have thought too much on this issue and finally came to this point!

    @Sarim….yah OC has given me strength to write something like this!

  9. Now if you continue on this path and write something for the magazine, that would really count!

  10. AoA,
    Just one word…’AWESOME’…your thoughts are awesome and the way you have expressed your thoughts is good as well.
    Keep it up!…and i would suggest you to move on in this field,no matter whatever field you choose,don’t forget to remember that YOU WRITE VERY WELL…MASHALLAH!
    God bless you!

    Seriously…iam impressed

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