What Happened to Us?


TIP offers the same thing 10 other blokes do in the city. We, even within our own skin are not inventive, we have same courses as AIFD or Indus, combined with the fact that we are 50 kilometers away from city doesn’t help at all.

Any student’s wet dream is Indus, at least in the market we are trying to capture. After that we are left with AIFD. Convenient, Affordable, Solid.

Why would anyone come kilometers away from Karachi when there are schools sitting in the middle of the city offering the same thing as TIP. And if not AIFD then there is NTEU or Indus University. It within range, saves the 1 lac+ rupees people want on spend on TIP.

Yes, TIP has contacts, TIP can get you a job, Yes, Will groom you into a confident person. But does an outsider know this? NO.

The only people who know the worth of TIP are in TIP others even haven’t heard about it. Our university has a bulk of potential. Batches graduated from here have been respected throughout Pakistan. We were on top, now we touch bottom.

Now you would say that TIP has to market itself to make people aware of it. But isn’t AIFD reaching this rank to? Or any other university. And for your knowledge, TIP is losing contacts. The industries which begged TIP for graduates are disappointed. They say that the Texperts are not likes those in the past. They say, non-textile students have proved to be more productive. TIP, if it goes the way it is going, will no longer guarantee the “job Guarantee” it does.

So we were on how TIP lost its edge. How its worn off. How once the only university offering great programs isn’t great anymore. What has to be done now, you ask?

I propose to offer new programs with qualified faculty.

PIFD in Lahore is the only school which offers Footwear and Leather Design Degree. It also offers Accessories Design Degree. Know how many parents don’t allow their kids to go to Lahore?  A lot.
Do we have a market for it in Karachi? You will never know until you ask.

TIP also planned on MBA programs. Then there was news that TIP is offering Retail Management Degree. It would have worked if we ever got to it. But we didn’t.
Know whats Polymer Engineering?! Yeah, its offered at NTF.
Why just a course of Interior designing when we can offer a whole degree.
We are begging for admissions. On our knees. But why would anybody come here when we offer the same thing as any other institute.

You will also wonder that why am I posting this here, I should pass this through the administration. I did.
I talked to the President. He agreed that TIP needs to diversify to get admissions but he also pointed out that there is no qualified faculty to do the job. He needs Texperts to contribute, to send in their proposals and to help TIP through this rough patch.
I am posting here because I want you to push the Admin. I want you to force the Admin to look for faculty, to research into new programs. Anyone who reads this please construct a letter or a mail and post it to the President. Don’t like my idea then mail in your idea.

Also if you are equipped to teach, we need good teachers. Contact TIP. We are at the point where we cannot afford to lose anything. Any bet we place should be placed to win. I am asking you guys because you are a part of TIP and it needs help.